Selling on Auction Sites

Written by By Stephen Bucaro

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Next enter a "Minimum bid". This isrepparttar lowest amount you are willing to accept forrepparttar 117609 item andrepparttar 117610 amount you require to makerepparttar 117611 minimum acceptable profit. Then setrepparttar 117612 "Auction duration",repparttar 117613 number of days that you want your auction to run. For best results, your auction should end on a Sunday.

If you donít want to actually sell your item atrepparttar 117614 minimum bid amount, then enter a "Reserve Price". This is a price higher thanrepparttar 117615 minimum bid, at which you are actually willing to sell your item. Buyers canít see your reserve price, they only know there is a reserve on your item. Buyers donít like reserve price auctions, so you might want to leave this entry blank.

Next, you can select many optional features for your auction, such as prime product placement, double category placement, a small picture in eBayís Picture Gallery, and so on. But these options are costly.

Next, set checkboxes to selectrepparttar 117616 types of payment you will accept; checks, money order, etc. Then enter any shipping, handling, insurance, and sales tax charges.

Next, enter your return policy. If you donít want to have to refund money to a buyer, enter "No Returns". Then setrepparttar 117617 radio button for "I will not accept escrow." For an expensive item, you might accept an escrow. Escrow is when a third party holdsrepparttar 117618 buyerís money until he receivesrepparttar 117619 item. Then, ifrepparttar 117620 item is acceptable, he givesrepparttar 117621 escrow company permission to releaserepparttar 117622 funds to you.

Next, unless you want to ship overseas, setrepparttar 117623 radio button for "Will ship to United States only". Then selectrepparttar 117624 checkbox forrepparttar 117625 shipping payment method; "seller pays shipping", "buyer pays actual shipping cost", or "buyer pays fixed amount".

This is a lot of information to provide on a form. If you sell many similar items, you can set a checkbox for eBay to remember your preferences so that you donít have to fill outrepparttar 117626 entire form each time.

Next, clickrepparttar 117627 "Continue" button. You are then given an opportunity to review your listing and correct any errors before submitting. After reviewing your listing, clickrepparttar 117628 "Submit" button. Your item will be posted for auction.

Now that your item is listed, you can login to eBay at any time and click onrepparttar 117629 "my eBay" link to getrepparttar 117630 status of your auction. If your item is sold, you will be charged $1.25 plus 2.5% ofrepparttar 117631 final sale price. Ifrepparttar 117632 final sale price is $25.00 or less,repparttar 117633 fee is 5.0% ofrepparttar 117634 final sale price.

Thatísrepparttar 117635 basics of selling on eBay. If you feel you need to pay good money for a book titled "How to Get Rich Selling Useless Trash on eBay", then meet me on eBay, inrepparttar 117636 "Bridges" section. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 117637 Web visit: To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to

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"Fire" Your Bad Customers

Written by Dave Balch

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"I don't need that", he said. "I told them to take their business elsewhere." Sometimes you've got to 'fire' your customers!

I know a graphic designer in New York who had a client that was very slow paying. In fact, on several occasions he even reduced their agreed-upon fee because of what he claimed were "delays" caused by my friend that were totally fabricated. He has asked her to do another project: she told him "no".

Some customers need to be 'fired'.

In my software businessrepparttar customers typically installedrepparttar 117608 product on their corporate computer (not a PC, but a large "mainframe"). The software arrived on a tape andrepparttar 117609 process took about 2 hours. Some of them installed it with no help from me whatsoever; some of them needed help openingrepparttar 117610 box thatrepparttar 117611 tape came in. The latter customers were usuallyrepparttar 117612 ones that needed to be 'fired'.

It's important to define what you consider to be a "good" customer or a "bad" customer. When someone crossesrepparttar 117613 line, you have to decide whether that particular person is "worthrepparttar 117614 trouble'. Only you can makerepparttar 117615 call, but you may be surprised to realize that they aren't.

If so, send 'em packin'. You can't please everyone, but you can wear yourself out trying to, so ifrepparttar 117616 match isn't right you both will be better off if you severrepparttar 117617 business relationship.

It only hurts for a second.

Then, a wave of relief will flood over you and you'll know you didrepparttar 117618 right thing.

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