Selling With Principles -- NOT Plungers

Written by Joe Bingham

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and get ahead of you. In truth, though, there's no reason to be slow to move in on a selling opportunity. IF you meetrepparttar following two conditions: 1 - You are proud of what you are selling. 2 - You believe what you are selling will actually benefitrepparttar 127383 potential customer in question. If you aren't proud, or don't believe in what you are selling, then you have to ask yourself why you are involved with it inrepparttar 127384 first place. If you're happy to present your product, however, it will show. You won't be forcing a sale, you'll be presenting a benefit. You won't be seen as an aggressive, toilet plunging jerk, as some salesmen are, but as a resource. It's ok to let yourself get into every opportunity that comes up. For some, it's easier to do this online through written contact only, but you'll findrepparttar 127385 same principles apply offline as well as on. Be proud and show your belief in what you are doing. Then, learn to exhibit them to others. That's what sells. Selling doesn't have to be against your principles, just make sure you have some principles in your selling. They are easier to pack around than a toilet plunger anyway.

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Turn Your Auto-Responder Into An Auto-Moneymaker!

Written by Grady Smith

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Try to make every benefit you detail a little different fromrepparttar one prior to it. If you’re selling tires, one message can go into detail about their durability. A second message would detail another benefit, this time maybe focusing onrepparttar 127382 safety record ofrepparttar 127383 tires.


Write an auto response message like you would a normal sales letter. Giverepparttar 127384 customer a call to action, like “Order Now”, and give them a link to click on.

Make your copy short and easy to skim. Most will be afraid to dive in to a long cluttered sales letter, so break your paragraphs up into smaller easy to digest pieces.

And don’t forget to make your copy benefit heavy. Everything should be about whatrepparttar 127385 reader’s going to get.


No sense letting good prospects get away from you.

I always offer different programs that targetrepparttar 127386 audience of my auto response messages. Your best bet is to sign up for some compatible affiliate programs and litter your sales letter with links and attention grabbing headlines.

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