Selling Truth as a Differentiator

Written by Lawrence Groves

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5.I will monitor and reconcilerepparttar amount of commissions paid when using brokerage commissions to pay consulting fees and alert plan sponsors when consulting fees have been paid in full.

6.I have established procedural steps to ensure thatrepparttar 148325 plan receivesrepparttar 148326 best execution for its securities trades whenrepparttar 148327 consulting fees are paid withrepparttar 148328 planís brokerage commissions.

7.I will describe any arrangements with broker-dealers under which I will benefit if money managers place trades for their clients with such broker-dealers.

8.If hired, I will acknowledge in writing whether or not I have a fiduciary obligation as an investment adviser torepparttar 148329 plan while providing consulting services.

9.I will acknowledge whether or not I consider myself a fiduciary under ERISA with respect torepparttar 148330 recommendations I providerepparttar 148331 plan?

10.I will describerepparttar 148332 percentage of my plan clients that utilize money managers, investment funds, brokerage services or other service providers from whom I receive fees?

Post these affirmations on your website and include them in your marketing materials. If you completerepparttar 148333 affirmations for prospective clients, you will have distanced yourself fromrepparttar 148334 scandal ridden and differentiated yourself in an industry whererepparttar 148335 value added to products and services is quickly commoditized

About the Author: Lawrence Groves is the Small Business Retirement Services Director for The Retirement Group. He has helped thousands of small businesses set up retirement plans. Visit the site for more information

Just Ask! Using Surveys to Improve Your Business

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

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What isrepparttar benefit torepparttar 148148 people taking your survey?

Well, there has to be some benefit. Providing an incentive is a good way to insure responses. That could be inrepparttar 148149 form of a freebie, useful information, an entry into a sweepstakes, or anything else you think your customers would like.

How do you do this?

Create a form on your web site to ask questions. Havingrepparttar 148150 responses of that form emailed directly to your email box makes it easiest.

Web Builder Express has a form tool built right in andrepparttar 148151 system automatically e-mailsrepparttar 148152 results of each submission back to you.

Herb and Monica Leibacher operate Web Builder Express. Create a professional web site for your business or non-profit organization with Web Builder Express. At, you can request your free Quick Start Guide that tells you how to create a great web site.

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