Selling Online Products in the Offline World

Written by Scot Dantzer

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If necessary, askrepparttar person over to your house. Give your him a hands-on demonstration ofrepparttar 102597 very product he's thinking of purchasing. Once you have your customer online, show him aroundrepparttar 102598 net.

Let him navigate. Show him some of your favorite hangouts, your website, your favorite discussion boards, favorite game sites and anything that might interest him. After a few short minutes onrepparttar 102599 web he'll absolutely NEED that new computer!

Wrap up your presentation by taking him to your sales page. For an extra-special touch, namerepparttar 102600 page after your customer, such as "Mark.html"

By now he's thoroughly hooked onrepparttar 102601 web and thinking about a purchase. Let him do it by clicking from your sales page.

Nowrepparttar 102602 Dell affiliate program pays a very small commission, but what I've gained is far more important…a relationship with that customer that he can't get at an offline computer superstore.

I've walked him throughrepparttar 102603 web, shown him allrepparttar 102604 bells and whistles on my own computer (including some add-ons he might like) and established myself as a valuable source of technical information.

The next time he wants to make an online purchase, who will he ask? When he wants to buy software who will he come to for advice? And most importantly, when he has questions about affiliate programs or starting his own online business, who will he ask? You guessed it!

The value of this customer is far greater thanrepparttar 102605 few dollars I made on this original sale…it'srepparttar 102606 lifetime value ofrepparttar 102607 customer.

Keep your eyes and ears open for offline opportunities such as this. When you discover someone with a specific need, create a specific page to providerepparttar 102608 solutions. Your new customer will thank you many times over with repeat business.

Scot Dantzer is a media consultant and entrepreneur in Philadelphia. Download his newest book, "Dimes-2-Dollars: 8-Steps to IMMEDIATE eBay Profits" from Internet Marketing for "The Technology Challenged."

What is Your Website's Most Wanted Response?

Written by Steve Nash

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- Well, does your site sell goods? Then which goods in particular do you most want to sell? Or which goods are easiest to sell, easiest to convert a visitor into a customer (allowing you to follow-up)?

- Does your site offer content, supported by affiliate programs (like my own site)? Then which affiliate programs are most relevant to your site? Which offerrepparttar best rates of commission, withrepparttar 102596 best chance of a sale?

- Does your site simply operate a newsletter? Then do you make it easy for people to subscribe, from *any* page on your website? And do you sellrepparttar 102597 benefits of your free newsletter, make people WANT to subscribe?

Dr Ken Evoy introducedrepparttar 102598 Most Wanted Response (MWR) in his 'net- selling bible' Make Your Site Sell. It's probablyrepparttar 102599 most important lesson in all of Make Your Site Sell. In essence,repparttar 102600 MWR is what you most want your visitor to do after reviewing your content. And it should always:

* be reasonable * be measurable * be a good fit * qualifyrepparttar 102601 visitor

Some techniques of getting your most wanted response include usingrepparttar 102602 word YOU often in sentences, using commands, making sentences active (rather than passive) and creating powerful headlines.

These are just a few ways to achieve your site's most wanted response (there are more).

What's MOST IMPORTANT, however, is that you understandrepparttar 102603 concept of a Most Wanted Response for your website, and you set about trying to achieve it. Then, and only then, will allrepparttar 102604 effort you make in generating traffic to your website be worth it!

Happy promoting!

PS My site's most wanted response is *not* what you might think it should be. None ofrepparttar 102605 shopping sites listed on Shop Tour UK run affiliate programs as good as those I now actively promote!

Steve Nash is webmaster at He discovered the Most Wanted Response concept by visiting Site Sell at And now he's excited because Site Build It! now does it ALL for you! From site concept to site creation to site promotion to site profit. Marvellous! Site Build It!

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