Selling Is Not A Dirty Word

Written by Judy Cullins

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To raise your "Selling" awareness, check outrepparttar acronym below:

S Sharing my book; educating and entertaining people with my unique information

E Expecting positive outcomes; knowing my book's value, living it, and offering it with my short blurb inrepparttar 127307 "30-60 Second Tell and Sell"

L Listening to other professionals who have shared their books and created ongoing lifelong income, raised their credibility as a coach or other professional, as well as living a grand adventure.

L Listening to what my reader's problems and needs are, so I can serve them

I Involving people by asking them pertinent questions to see if my book fits their needs.

N Nurturing business relationships through friendship as a savvy friend who follows up regularly.

G Gain enthusiasm from allrepparttar 127308 people who already love my book enough to give me quality, specific testimonials.

Share your good feelings and good words with others. Show them how you and your book can help them. It's OK to sell because your book and you are significant and can help others.

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5 Secrets For GRIPPING Sales Letters!

Written by Grady Smith

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Nothing drawsrepparttar eyes like a bold printed phrase or an underlined word. And it works wonders for making your copy reader friendly.

There are all kinds of techniques you can use when you want to drawrepparttar 127306 eye to certain points and benefits. Some include:

* Italics * Highlighting * Bold * Capital Letters * Large Font * Underlining * Graphics * Indented Sentences

But one word of caution. Overuse of these emphasizers can quickly lose their effectiveness when overdone!


The easiest way to make a transition from one paragraph to another, and keeprepparttar 127307 tone conversational, is to start your sentences with conjunctions.

But again, keep it simple. It's easier to say "and" rather then "furthermore". Keep your copy simple and in a sixth grade reading level for maximum effectiveness.


Sentence fragments provide a way to place drama and emphasis in your sales letters.


Today you can have complete access to my arsenal of maximum power promotion tools guaranteed to give you solid results. But one word of caution. These tools are only recommended for those that can handle a flood of traffic buzzing their site.

I threw in "one word of caution." That emphasizerepparttar 127308 sentence, and makes it hit like a pillowcase full of stones.

These five techniques are time tested and proven. Use them to create a sales letter that holds your reader and doesn't let go!

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