Sell Yourself First

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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There are a number of ways andrepparttar web actually makes it easy. Put a picture of yourself on your web site with a short bio and contact information. If a person knows how to get in touch with you in case of a problem, it makes their purchasing decision a lot easier.

Tell people how you help your customers andrepparttar 124508 successes they have had. Let them know how they needrepparttar 124509 benefits of your product or service. This isrepparttar 124510 kind of information that will build confidence in your customers and prospects.

A lot of people are reticent to give contact information onrepparttar 124511 web. They're afraid they'll get crank calls, or people will find out where they live. A real concern? I don't think so. There are ways around these types of problems.

I have a second telephone line that gets turned off during non-business hours. Many places inrepparttar 124512 country don't have home delivery of their mail available, and a P.O. Box is their actual address. A P.O. Box is not ideal, but will be acceptable if a telephone number is provided.

Before you try to sell anything on or offrepparttar 124513 web, remember to sell yourself first.

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"Trade Shows"

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Another vendor puts some chairs and a small coffee table in a conspicuous position. People walking about get tired - their feet start to hurt, and they will gravitate to an unoccupied chair. Not only will they see promotional material onrepparttar coffee table, but it also gives you an opportunity to sit and talk with them.

One ofrepparttar 124507 busiest booths I ever saw was atrepparttar 124508 "Artigras" Exhibit in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. An artist from Michigan had her wares displayed in her booth, and was sitting out front doing free caricatures. She hadrepparttar 124509 line of people waiting, weave in and about her display inrepparttar 124510 booth, and many people bought something while waiting.

Which brings us torepparttar 124511 reason you are there. You are there to promote your business or sell your wares. In order to do this, you must attract people to your booth.

There are many "attention getting" devices that can be used, but make surerepparttar 124512 one you use allows you to interact with your visitors.

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