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Written by Marsh Uele

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Consider making money online by selling your product through an eBay storefront. Bidding on items has become a hot way to make money online. Having your own storefront ensures that buyers can find you easily because your product is in one place. Through your storefront, you can make reports, track traffic and sales, and receive advertising through eBay. You can try a storefront for 30 days free, making it an attractive offer to make money online.

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One of the 'Golden Rules' of Internet marketing....

Written by Richard Grady

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That all changed last Thursday however when Google suddenly decided that my little experiment site was far more valuable than it had previously thought. Yup, Google decided that instead of listing my site way downrepparttar rankings for one or two low-level keywords, it would indexrepparttar 144810 site atrepparttar 144811 top ofrepparttar 144812 rankings (quite literally in first place in many instances) for numerous high-level keywords! :-)

Result? The site has gone from receiving an average of 35 visitors a day from Google to receiving over 500 visitors per day. Onrepparttar 144813 busiest day this week, Google kindly sentrepparttar 144814 site just under 800 visitors.

Of course, this is great news andrepparttar 144815 site is already making considerably more profit than it has ever done but just look at how I would have missed out if I had takenrepparttar 144816 site offline. Remember, this is a site that I have barely touched in three years and I certainly haven't spent any time optimizingrepparttar 144817 site forrepparttar 144818 search engines. It is just a simple case of Google changing their algorithm in a way that favours my site considerably. This is one of those situations which could happen to any website at any time and this isrepparttar 144819 main reason why I say, once you have a site online, leave it there.

Clearly there is no guarantee that my site is going to stay atrepparttar 144820 top of Google for any length of time and given my experience of how search engines work, I am prepared for it to drop back downrepparttar 144821 index at any time but I am certainly enjoyingrepparttar 144822 extra traffic while it lasts.

The above situation also illustrates how fickle search engines can be. Longer term readers will remember that I tookrepparttar 144823 decision not to bother chasing search engine rankings some time ago. This decision was taken after Google decided to move one of my highly optimized sites from top position for countless keywords to about 20th position. This was a site which I had spent weeks optimizing and a site which had held top positions for over two years. Traffic to this site dropped away in hours and that wasrepparttar 144824 point at which I vowed not to waste my time chasing search engine rankings and instead, would just letrepparttar 144825 search engines sort themselves out and rank my sites as they saw fit.

Sometimes this approach works and sometimes it doesn't - I try not to let it worry me either way.....

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