Sell More By Putting Your Prospects In A Trance!

Written by Larry Dotson

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Next, your goal is to influence them to continually focus on it. You need to make sure each and every word, phrase and sentence is interesting enough so they keep reading and thinking about your offer.

How do you accomplish this? You need to use words and phrases that appeal to their emotions and thoughts. For example, if you were selling an ebook on eliminating your credit card debts you could say: No more living pay check to pay check. (or) Eliminate those harassing creditors calls once and for all.

Each word needs to take them step by step by step into a continuing trance. You don't want any boring or irrelevant information to interruptrepparttar trance.

Finally, when you ask forrepparttar 127275 order they will be so involved that they'll have to order to keeprepparttar 127276 enjoyable trance continuing.

1000 Ways To Write, Create, Package And Sell Information Products!

Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition

Written by Marc & Terry Goldman

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* You offer better bonuses than anyone else does.

* You serve a specific demographic i.e. age group, industry, or type of person.

Here's Exactly How to Create Your USP:

Write out in one to two paragraphsrepparttar benefits, NOT features, of your product or service; what sets it apart from your competition; and what makes it appealing to your target market.

Edit outrepparttar 127274 generalities and focus onrepparttar 127275 crispest, clearest, most specific promise your product/service can offer to your target market.

Rework it until you have a simple, clearly defined USP that your customers can instantly identify with. You should try to express your USP in a way that people really think. For example, forget anything like, "The innovative leader in banking services, financial products and convenient technology".

People just don't think that way. So it doesn't stick in their minds. This is more like it: "South Africa's only international bank". Get repparttar 127276 idea? Keep it simple. Succinct. USP's work best when they are a sentence or two forrepparttar 127277 most. is an example of a company whose USP is clearly defined in their domain name. This company providesrepparttar 127278 lowest air fares inrepparttar 127279 air travel industry.

Does Your USP Pass This Checklist?

* Is it true?

* Is it easy to understand?

* Does it differentiaterepparttar 127280 product in an attractive manner fromrepparttar 127281 competition?

* Is it expressedrepparttar 127282 way people will express it in their own minds?

If you haven't answered YES to all four ofrepparttar 127283 above, go back and rework your USP until you can.

You should present your USP in every ad. And do so year after year. People remember with repetition.

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