Self Watering Violet Pots

Written by Linda Paquette

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Although fillingrepparttar reservoir can be tricky at first, some pots have a fill-line to help you keep from over-filling. In addition, African violet pots come in all sizes, from 3-inch wide pots for young plants to 12-inch wide pots forrepparttar 136319 old-timers. You’ll find them in a wide range of both color and style at most nurseries and garden centers that stock African violets and other African violet supplies. Gift boutiques and antique shops are also good places to look for violet pots. Often they are hand-made and nearly as pretty asrepparttar 136320 flowers your plant in them!

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Grow Your Own SIMPLE Tea Garden

Written by Don Rohde, Cedar Creek Woodshop

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5. Labelrepparttar varieties of tea onrepparttar 136126 bottom or side of planter, or create popsicle-stick signs to place inrepparttar 136127 soil.

6. Move planter to a warm place in indirect sunlight until germination takes place. After germination, relocate planter to a warm area with natural sunlight.

7. When tea leaves reach a height of about two inches, thin out seedlings acrossrepparttar 136128 total planter surface to provide adequate space for future growth.

8. Water periodically, only whenrepparttar 136129 soil is moderately dry. DO NOT OVERWATER!!)

9. Pick tea leaves sparingly and brew in a hot pot of water. Sit back, sip and enjoy!


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