Self Help and Motivation

Written by Marlene Challis

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Since then, with help from my husband investing some money to get me started and my accountant, I have taught myself everything I know. I have expanded and have one main business with several branches underneath. I trade shares online and have several websites with more to come.

It is very exciting sitting down at my lap top computer and checking on my businesses. I love it. Did you notice I said my lap top computer? Yes I have a lap top. A few years ago if someone told me I would be doing this today, I would have laughed and said they have rocks in their head but here I am.

Everyone can get motivated at some stage. It's when things get tough that you needrepparttar desire and commitment to keep going.

The desire and commitment has to come from within you. Once you have that, you have to haverepparttar 146169 knowledge. That's where self-help-motivation-source comes in.

I give yourepparttar 146170 knowledge to keep your desire and commitment strong. Knowledge is only effective if you know how to use it. I show you how to use that knowledge.

If I can do this, anyone can. I mean anyone! What are you waiting for? Go out and conquerrepparttar 146171 world.

Marlene Challis is founder and CEO of Mc Internet Marketing. She has several business branches and websites. The focus of this article is She can be contacted through the website. Feel free to republish this article provided you do not edit it in any way and include the author bio as well.

Camping Solo

Written by Lynn Cutts

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I've heard - and preached - about breaking big projects down into little ones, butrepparttar principle has never come home to me so clearly as on this trip. When I looked at it as a whole, it was so scary I almost backed down. But once I got out there and did just one task at a time and focused on that task only, it became not only manageable, but almost easy.

Just as important, all that "unnecessary" worrying I'd done beforerepparttar 146102 trip actually paid off. Because I'd mentally worked through a dozen different problems beforehand (of course,repparttar 146103 problems I ended up facing weren'trepparttar 146104 ones I'd worried about), I was more confident about meetingrepparttar 146105 challenges that did arise. And since my ultimate Plan B gave me permission to fail, I hadrepparttar 146106 courage to try.

So go ahead. Worry. But don't let it stop you. And give yourself permission to fail. Because only then will you haverepparttar 146107 courage to succeed.

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