Self Defense or Personal Protection?

Written by Alex Iglecia

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What do I mean? Memorize 10 phrases to visit a foreign country. You can order a plate of food, ask forrepparttar bathroom, and call cabs all day long. Thatís self defense. Youíre not prepared to adapt to new situations. Instead, you could have a basic understanding of howrepparttar 116308 language works and you can perform, pronouncerepparttar 116309 words, hearrepparttar 116310 locals, and react to situations youíve never been in before. You feel better, and can go more, go farther, and live better. Thatís Personal Protection.

ďOf course, we all know that there are no guarantees that violence won't occur; therefore, protective tools must be in place. These tools need to be effective, direct, and immediately useful orrepparttar 116311 victim runsrepparttar 116312 risk of making things worse by trying to defend herself with techniques that won't hold up.Ē Ė Robert Bussey

Personal protection isnít just mental. It is not just physical. Itís both. And it can be relatively simple, safe, and fun, to learn. Thatís something I feel good about telling my sister.

Alex Iglecia is a Combat Advisor, Club Sanctioned for and teaches Genuine Bussey Style to the Back Bay community at Body Evolver and to companies and organizations throughout New England. You can find out more online at

Summer's Here. . . Now What?

Written by Pat Redmond

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THIS SUMMER! Go Crazy! List anything that might be remotely interesting. Get out a map and list destinations torepparttar North, South, East and West. Weather won't be an excuse this year! Plan 1 day trips and overnight trips. Userepparttar 116307 internet to locate new locations and out ofrepparttar 116308 way places. Visit sites like:

for some great flying ideas.

We all have heard that if we want to achieve our goals, we must write them down. Well, let's dorepparttar 116309 same and plan activities for our precious summer weekends!


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