Self Confidence

Written by Jim Sullivan

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This is atrepparttar heart of real confidence :repparttar 141347 ability to remain true to those values which you hold dear. A balanced, self-confident person isrepparttar 141348 same in any company. The presence of high status individuals, or low status individuals, does not significantly change their responses or outward displays. A truly self confident person knows what they believe and can remain comfortable expressing their beliefs regardless ofrepparttar 141349 prevailing fashion.

Is this you? Do you feel comfortable expressing yourself in a group, with people from all strata of society? We all fall short ofrepparttar 141350 ideal, in this as in other aspects of our lives, but it is comforting to know that self confidence can be developed and nurtured.

Many thousands of people have takenrepparttar 141351 Confidence Club questionnaire, which profiles a person’s strengths and weaknesses against 5 different dimensions of confidence. The questionnaire can be found here :

If you have ever found yourself wondering why your confidence seems to desert you in certain circumstances, takerepparttar 141352 questionnaire and find out precisely where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You may be surprised by what you can learn about yourself.

Jim Sullivan is a hypnotherapist and confidence coach. He may be contacted via Confidence Club :

Self-Esteem - Does it really matter?

Written by Trainer Sally Foan

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Be well rounded Don’t neglect your interests. When wasrepparttar last time you did that hobby you love, listened to your favourite music, or went torepparttar 141267 theatre? Stay active; endorphins lift your spirits and staying healthy will make you feel better about yourself and your self-image. Take a pride in your appearance; it will do wonders for your self-confidence – when you know you look good, others notice. Walk tall. Avoid self-consciousness If you are self-conscious in a social situation focus onrepparttar 141268 following: Just because you lack confidence doesn’t mean others can tell. Approach a group and introduce yourself. Ask questions and really listen to their answers Finding out aboutrepparttar 141269 other people present will help make them (and you) feel more comfortable. §Slow down and concentrate on others rather than yourself.

Accept criticism If you are constantly saying things like ‘I’m no good at anything’ then you’re wrong. Self-esteem is not just about thinking positively about yourself allrepparttar 141270 time, it is about being realistic and about not thinking badly about yourself for no reason. Criticism can be a positive thing. If we can learn to seerepparttar 141271 positives of someone valuing us enough to give us honest feedback, or constructive criticism, we can improve our performance.

Set goals and meet them The process of looking forward, planning ahead, and accomplishing something can be very fulfilling.

Accept failure Failure is part of life. It is how you deal with it that sets you apart. Everyone gets knocked down at some time sorepparttar 141272 real question is, will you get back up? “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” WINSTON CHURCHILL

Deal with a workplace bully Learning to deal with bullies in an assertive way is easier than you think. Once you challenge a bully in a calm but clear way you will realise how much better you feel about bothrepparttar 141273 bully and yourself. Feeling sorry for a bully, who after all lacksrepparttar 141274 more appropriate tools and people skills necessary forrepparttar 141275 modern workplace, will help you to remain calm. Challenging is easier than you think when you use a ‘feelings assertion’ such as: “When you shout at me in front of other people I feel very uncomfortable and I would much prefer to have this conversation later when we are both calmer - shall we say 11am byrepparttar 141276 coffee machine.” Takerepparttar 141277 time to practice and role-play situations and this will help you to remain calm in real situations. The Assertiveness two-day course detailed on this website is an ideal safe forum where you haverepparttar 141278 opportunity to practice assertive interventions for real long-term behaviour change post-course.

And finally Remember that feeling healthy and good about yourself is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity. Persevere with trying to raise your self-esteem and don’t expect massive changes all at once. Beating low self-esteem is a wonderful thing and it is easier than you think.

Sally Foan is available for group courses or one to one coaching and development; helping you to takerepparttar 141279 helm of your future success.

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Principle trainer at People Tree Training is Sally Foan, a personal development coach specialising in the field of interpersonal communication. With many years experience working alongside a broad range of organisations including the travel industry, airline industry, RAF in Germany, the Health and Fitness Industry and more recently a range of well known public & private sector organisations.

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