Self-contentment Leads to Confidence

Written by by Lisa Martin, PCC

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In order to remain confident or regain confidence, you have to ensure that you surround yourself with positive environments Ė emotionally and physically. This means cultivating friendships that enrich your life. A well-meaning friend that consistently points out your faults may be undermining your sense of self. Seek out people who care about you and can list all your lovely qualities instead. Fill your personal space with objects that inspire you, such as pictures of loved ones, keepsakes and favorite books. 3. Acknowledge Your Achievements

Like most women, you may have been brought up not to be boastful. However, there is a distinction between bragging and not recognizing your accomplishments and contributions. We have all achieved things in our lives, both big and small, personally and professionally. But oftentimes, we cross that achievement off our "to-do" list and quickly move torepparttar next item, with little or no celebration. When you give yourself permission to feel positive about your accomplishments and refuse to listen to your inner critic, you will feel pleased within yourself. You will proudly share your wins, rather than apologize for them. You might even amaze yourself when triumphal works such as "I am one awesome lawyer," "I amrepparttar 143930 best mother ever," or "I rock" roll off your tongue with hardly at thought.

Watch out universe, here you come!

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Whatís the point of meditating?

Written by graham and julie

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Simple just give yourself five minutes a day. Just five minutes every morning to be with yourself and concentrate onrepparttar successful you.

If you really want to change your life give yourself five minutes every day to:

focus on your strengths. focus on successful thoughts. focus on fulfilling your commitments. focus on encouraging others. focus on delivering what you promised.

If you canít squeeze five minutes into your schedule spend five minutes with yourself onrepparttar 143929 bus, train or inrepparttar 143930 traffic jam. Just give yourself five minutes.

When you start you will not be able to concentrate and will find your mind wandering all overrepparttar 143931 place. Donít worry about this. Itís natural. Itís like learning to walk. You couldnít do that immediately. It just takes practice.

The more you practice. The more you devote five minutes of your time to yourself,repparttar 143932 easier it will become.

Itís like everything else in this world. You get a return of what you give. The more you give yourselfrepparttar 143933 higherrepparttar 143934 return.

Thatísrepparttar 143935 point of meditating. You improve your concentration skills, you gradually become at one with yourself andrepparttar 143936 world. And you know what you want out of life and how to achieve it.

Good Luck.

Graham and Julie

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