Selection A Domain Name That Clicks!

Written by BB Lee

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What's The Deal With The Suffix? Selecting a suffix is important. Even though com, net, org, gov, edu, tv, enjoy amazing popularity, It would be wise to select com. Why? Because it isrepparttar most popular. Plus "com" isrepparttar 146309 one your browser will automatically fill in if someone types in your business name withoutrepparttar 146310 suffix. Once again this will make it easier for a potential customer to locate your website. Only use net, org, or any other suffix if "com" is not available.

Availability? After selecting your Domain Name you should determine if that name is available. You might want to download a domain lookup tool. Or use a domain lookup service online. Many webhosting services have a domain lookup tool readily available.

Domain Lookup Tool

Download Doman Lookup Tools at:

If your desired Domain Name is available NOW isrepparttar 146311 perfect time to decide if you want to registerrepparttar 146312 name and select a web hosting package. Usually you will haverepparttar 146313 option to registerrepparttar 146314 name for a year, two years, three for a predetermined price. I've seen prices starting at $9.99 and up per year.

Note: Many webhositng services offer free domain registration with a webhosting package. Many webhosting packages start at around $15.00 and up per month for a starter website.

Sources Yahoo Hosting -

Let's Review: -Decide You Want A Professional Name That Gets Attention. -Select A Name That Describes Your Business. -Select A Name That Will Be Easy To Find Online. -Check Availability. -Register Your Domain With Optional Hosting Package.

After reading this informative article you should have a good understanding on selecting a Domain Name That Clicks!

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The ‘Sub-Domain’ - An Affiliate’s Friend

Written by Stephen Brennan

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Obviously, having a ‘generic’ main domain name is essential to gettingrepparttar best out of this cost, time and trouble saving method of creating multiple websites. If you have a main domain name ‘’ (perhaps your initial Affiliate endeavor involved promoting this type of product) it is really only going to be useful forrepparttar 146212 one type of product or service. Alternatively, something more generic like ‘’ is going to be useful for promoting almost anything because it has no specific meaning. For instance, inrepparttar 146213 case of promoting a Singles Dating Affiliate program, something like ‘’ would work as well as ‘’ or even ‘’. However, ‘’ just doesn’t work, does it? (Although, I have seen some pretty weird URLs around!)

The only problem you will be presented with, concernsrepparttar 146214 traffic ranking facility Alexa. Alexa will read all sub-domains as their parent ‘main domain’, sorepparttar 146215 traffic ranking for each website will berepparttar 146216 same, as will allrepparttar 146217 other Alexa information. However, this isn’t such a great problem when you consider thatrepparttar 146218 total traffic indicated for each website will actually berepparttar 146219 total for ALL of them. In my opinion, not so much of a problem, at all.

So, forrepparttar 146220 Affiliate at least, choosingrepparttar 146221 right type of domain name and a hosting facility that includes multiple sub-domains in their package is very important, especially if there’s any possibility that you’re going to be venturing into promoting unrelated products and services. The first hosting facility I was involved with a few years ago, charged $10 to create each sub-domain. The one I've been with forrepparttar 146222 last couple of years, allows unlimited free sub-domains (contact me at one of my websites if you want to know who they are).

Stephen Brennan is the author of the popular ebook title ‘The Affiliate Guide Book’ – The Definitive guide to Affiliate SUCCESS. He also runs The Home Based Business and Affiliate Center and HomeBasedBiz Safelist.

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