Selecting the perfect gift for her

Written by Janett Colon

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2. Tell her that she isrepparttar hottest, sexiest, most attractive, gorgeous, sweetest person inrepparttar 122058 world...(you can choose your own words, make sure that you follow up with a big wet smooch attesting to those words)

3. Plan to make this day special, let her know that you will do whatever it takes to make this day one she will always remember. Ask her beforehand if she had one wish what would it be, then try to follow up with it. Be creative it isrepparttar 122059 little things that count..

If you make this a priority in giving herrepparttar 122060 gift that she will love and most desires, showing your appreciation for her own existence, I guarantee you that she will fall head over heels, with whatever material gift you wish to give her .. Which of course, women always love to receive precious gifts fromrepparttar 122061 man they love...

So whatever material gift you decide to give her onrepparttar 122062 special occasion whether it be jewelry, designer fragrances, intimate apparel, wine gift baskets, sex drive enhancers, love make books, love music, or maybe even romantic lingerie, know that if you initially give her a gift of love.. She will love your gift..

Sharerepparttar 122063 love this season.. love is a beautiful thing..

Best wishes,

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Janett Colon, Believes that people can discover true happiness and meaningful lives, through sharing and communicating and experiencing true intimacy with our inner selves and with the ones we love. Offering articles & tips and Free newsletter to improve romance, and better our lives. please visit

Relationship Quiz - Copasetic, Caution, or Conundrum?

Written by Slade Hartwell

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1 2 3Our fights do not escalate torepparttar point of pushing and slapping.

1 2 3I feel fulfilled and not lonely inrepparttar 122057 relationship. 1 2 3We can argue without using threats of divorce or abandonment.

Now add up your points and assess your score:_______

36 to 42 "Copasetic" If your score is inrepparttar 122058 36 to 42 range, your relationship is in great shape. You are very fortunate to be in this category, so keep uprepparttar 122059 good work. You and your partner are a good match, andrepparttar 122060 likelihood of long-term success for your relationship is high. Everything may be copasetic now, but don't get complacent. Continue to be open, honest, and involved with each other.

26 to 35 "Caution" If your score is inrepparttar 122061 26 to 35 range, thenrepparttar 122062 caution light is on. It's probably time to take a serious look atrepparttar 122063 direction your relationship is taking. There are obviously some very positive aspects of your relationship that are worth preserving and reinforcing. Your long-term success is in question now. It's time to work on those respect and communication issues. Take note ofrepparttar 122064 questions that scored 1's and 2's and talk about them.

14 to 25 "Conundrum" If your score is inrepparttar 122065 14 to 25 range, as I'm sure you already know, your relationship is in peril. Your score indicates that there is very little chance for long-term success. Negative patterns of behavior are destroying your relationship and making you and your partner miserable. If you intend to continuerepparttar 122066 relationship, you must take immediate action Seek outside help if possible. The Internet is a good place to start. Visit a website that specializes in relationship building. Post your questions in a good relationships forum. You will find amazingly helpful people with similar experience and golden advice. Best of luck.

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