Selecting the Right Climbing Gear: Harness

Written by Darron Robbins

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Test Fit Your Harness Finding a harness that fits you well is essential. Ifrepparttar harness is too tight it will restrict your movement. If your climbing harness is too loose, it will slip, chafe and, in an inverted fall, maybe even let go of you. Just like clothing, different harness brands fit different body shapes better than others. Be sure to find one that works well for you.

Whenever you test-fit a harness, make sure you're wearingrepparttar 150254 kinds of clothes you're likely to be climbing in. If you plan on carrying a pack with you as you climb, have it handy as well so you can make sure it doesn't cause any discomfort when worn in conjunction withrepparttar 150255 harness.

The Waistbelt -- Your harness waistbelt should be snug, but not uncomfortably so. It should ride just above your hipbones, but it shouot interfere with your breathing. You should not be able to pullrepparttar 150256 harness down over your hips, no matter how hard you try. Children and narrow-hipped adults -- if you can't get a harness to stay above your hip bones, use a full-body harness until your body shape works with a waistbelt-style harness. Be sure that there is at least 3 inches of webbing extending out ofrepparttar 150257 waistbelt buckle once it has been properly secured and doubled back.

Leg Loops -- Your harness leg loops should also be snug, but not uncomfortable. If they are an adjustable design, their webbing straps should be long enough for you to double them back through their buckles with at least 2 inches left over.

Be especially careful when fitting a seat harness. If you choose one that's too small, it will squeeze your hips and legs, reducing mobility. If you choose one that's too large,repparttar 150258 harness may slide up onto your lower ribs, compressing your diaphragm and leaving you gasping for air. You should have between 1 and 3 inches of clearance betweenrepparttar 150259 tie-in loops at your waist.

Buckling up and tying-in

Most harnesses use full-strength buckles to joinrepparttar 150260 waistbelt. Readrepparttar 150261 manufacturer's instructions carefully and learn how to use your harness andrepparttar 150262 buckle correctly. If your harness and buckle are not secured properly, you risk injury and possibly even death.

Most harness buckles must be buckled a specific way to be secure. Be sure you followrepparttar 150263 recommended procedure every time. Always double back all webbing straps through your harness buckles. Underrepparttar 150264 impact force of a fall, webbing straps that are not doubled-back can pull through buckles, causing you to fall out ofrepparttar 150265 harness altogether.

Remember that your harness is only as reliable asrepparttar 150266 knot you use to tie yourself into it. Make sure you know how to tie into your harness correctly. Read, understand and followrepparttar 150267 manufacturer's instructions that come withrepparttar 150268 harness. Be careful -- different styles have different tie-in procedures. It is your responsibility to know how to use your harness correctly, along with all of your other climbing gear.

Harness Care

Protect your harness from direct sunlight, heat and harsh chemicals like bleach. Wash your harness in cool water with mild, non-detergent soap. Always check your harness before you climb for frayed stitching, cuts or other forms of damage.

Remember that your harness will not last forever. If you climb every weekend, your harness should last a couple of years. The harder you climb andrepparttar 150269 more often you fall,repparttar 150270 weaker your harness will become. Replace your harness whenever it shows signs of wear or damage.

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Check Out the Teva Mountain Games

Written by Monica Marty

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The Teva Mountain Games is also geared towards families. There is an event guide that will be of interest to families. For example, there is a list of events for each day. Families can figure out which events to attend by readingrepparttar tips and insights offered by festival officials. If your family has trouble deciding which events to take in, thenrepparttar 150079 family information available will be a welcome guide. Plus, you’ll know where to takerepparttar 150080 kids for dinner. Finding a family-friendly restaurant is a major plus.

An outdoor sports festival wouldn’t be complete without offering clinics torepparttar 150081 eager spectators. The games offer clinics in climbing, kayaking, adventure racing, fly fishing, trail running, and mountain biking. The clinics are geared for participants of all ages and skill levels. The clinics are free, so take advantage of them.

Set your sites on attendingrepparttar 150082 next Teva Mountain Games or watching it onrepparttar 150083 OLN cable network fromrepparttar 150084 comfort of your own home. It is thrilling to watch professional athletes in action. You might learn a thing or two about your favorite sport and have fun inrepparttar 150085 process.

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