Selecting the Proper Pump for your Backyard Water Garden Feature

Written by Gerry Fung

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If you plan on having fish, your water circulation demands will be drastically increased. Fish rely onrepparttar oxygen inrepparttar 113293 water to survive, hence a proper pump for a fish pond must ensure that extra oxygen is both introduced intorepparttar 113294 pond, and distributed throughoutrepparttar 113295 pond. The general rule of thumb is that you must double your pump GPH if you plan on raising fish. An example of a pump that would be appropriate for fish is GardenSuperMartís UltraFlo line of pumps. These pumps have oxygen intake valves and an unique air/water air mix system which effectively increasesrepparttar 113296 oxygen concentration in your pond.

The advantage of GardenSuperMartís low-maintenance, magnetic-driven UltraFlo pump kits is that they contain a sealed unit with a large enclosure that prevents debris from cloggingrepparttar 113297 water intake. The UltraFlo line of pumps starts at 200 GPH, and increase up to 660 GPH. All UltraFlo pump kits come complete with a telescopic riser and diverter and 3 fountain heads.

If you require a more powerful pump, GardenSuperMart also has a SuperFlo line of pump kits that can provide up to 1585 GPH. All SuperFlo kits come complete with a telescopic riser and diverter, 4 fountain heads, and a sponge pre-filter. An optional SuperFlo Mechancial and Biological filter can also be added torepparttar 113298 pump to provide additional water filtration for your fish.

Bothrepparttar 113299 SuperFlo andrepparttar 113300 UltraFlo pumps can be purchased online at GardenSuperMartís store, In late May 2005, GardenSuperMart will also introduce a new line of MaxFlo waterfall pumps that can provide up to 2780 GPH of pumping power. Please stay tuned for further news and details.

Gerry Fung is the Vice President of GardenSuperMart. More information about their pond pump lines can be obtained at

Spring into Lawn Mowing

Written by Lillian & Dave Brummet

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Old defunct lawn mowers that are not operating still have some use. Removerepparttar blade, motor, cords, wires and gas tank, leavingrepparttar 113292 four-wheeled caddy and its push handle. Secure a box to this and create a wheeled cart that is perfect for harvesting or toting material aroundrepparttar 113293 property.

The metal frame of most lawn mowers is recyclable and its' wheels are often prized by workshop-creation crafters. The motor and remaining parts might also be appreciated at a repair shop where they could be reused.

There are alternatives to traditional grass, from wildflower mixes to low-growing ground covers, which rarely need mowing. Landscaping a portion orrepparttar 113294 entire area with drought tolerant, wildlife supporting plants is a very environmentally active engagement that either eliminates or reduces mowing needs. And really, who couldn't use a little more time on their hands?

So get your exercise, reduce air and noise pollution; save yourself some money and have a healthier lawn. Or letrepparttar 113295 sun runrepparttar 113296 mower for you. Either way,repparttar 113297 world will breathe a little easier and maybe you will hear a songbird or two.

-- Written by Dave and Lillian Brummet based on the concept of their book, Trash Talk. The book offers useful solutions for the individual to reduce waste and better manage resources. A guide for anyone concerned about their impact on the environment. (

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