Selecting a Cell Phone

Written by Deryck Richards

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If you want to purchase a camera phone, consider what quality of photos you need to take. Most camera phones have less than a one megapixel resolution, which produces low-quality images. If you need to take clear photos, look into a camera phone with 3 or more megapixels.

Voice Dialing and Bluetooth are becoming standard in many phones to make it easier and safer for people to use their phones while driving. Voice Dialing allows you to speak a person’s name into your phone, which will automatically findrepparttar person in your address book and dialrepparttar 133474 number for you. Bluetooth lets you connect a headset to your phone without wires. Some luxury cars are beginning to offer Bluetooth connectivity so that you can take calls in your car throughrepparttar 133475 built-in speaker system.

Some newer cell phones are being designed with an emphasis on entertainment. They can be used to play music MP3 files, stored video and even movies, and video games. In general,repparttar 133476 newer phones are all getting smarter and more specialized.

After you’re done choosingrepparttar 133477 features that you want, don’t neglectrepparttar 133478 practical aspects. Look at how often you will need to changerepparttar 133479 battery, whetherrepparttar 133480 screen and keypad are too big and too small. Also, caveat emptor: most cellular providers lock you into a one or two year contract when you purchase a phone from them. If you cancel your service, they will charge you an early termination fee.

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NextWest NextContact™ Packs Broad Functionality into Single System

Written by NextWest, Inc. - VoIP Call Centers

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NextContact’s NextAnalytic reporting tool is now available via web browser in addition torepparttar previously supported Java interface, and its Digital Call Recording feature now allows managers to “eavesdrop” or supervise a call from any desktop.

Furthermore, managers, administrators or supervisors now haverepparttar 133473 ability to monitor and manage multiple call centers at multiple locations from any web-enabled terminal, and individual status monitoring of agents has been added as well. For example, if an agent logs off for lunch, an indicator can be set to notify a supervisor ifrepparttar 133474 agent is gone 5 minutes longer thanrepparttar 133475 allotted time.

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