Select a Niche Market for Ecommerce

Written by Ray Yee

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4) Forrepparttar niche markets that do not have their needs adequately met, conduct research onrepparttar 137205 major businesses in that field. If there are no major competitors, you can congratulate yourself on finding a suitable niche market for your Drop Ship business. If there are several major market players, you have to either develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to differentiate your products from your competitors, or you can narrow downrepparttar 137206 definition of your niche market to a more specific level. For example, if your niche market isrepparttar 137207 group of individuals passionate about oil paintings, you can narrow down your focus to abstract oil paintings by Rembrandt or Renoir.

If you want to be a retailer of Rembrandt oil paintings, for example, note that your competitors are notrepparttar 137208 websites selling oil paintings from all artists, butrepparttar 137209 websites that focus only on Rembrandt oil paintings. All things being equal, an online shopper will certainly choose a website focusing only on Rembrandt oil paintings, instead of a website selling paintings from allrepparttar 137210 famous artists. This isrepparttar 137211 edge that a niche market can give to a small Drop Ship business.

You can userepparttar 137212 free Overture ‘View Bids Tool’ available at to gaugerepparttar 137213 competition for your products. Overture is a Pay-Per-Click search engine, which provides search results ranked in order of how much businesses are paying for every click-through torepparttar 137214 business websites. This tool listsrepparttar 137215 amount that each business is paying for every click by visitors. The higherrepparttar 137216 bid forrepparttar 137217 keyword,repparttar 137218 more popularrepparttar 137219 keyword, thusrepparttar 137220 strongerrepparttar 137221 competition you face for your products.

5) Test your market. Once you have confirmed your niche market, you must test your products for that market. Start off your business by selecting a few ofrepparttar 137222 most popular products and placing them in your catalogue. Next, you announce your products to newsgroups and discussion boards and gauge their response to your products. Observe how wellrepparttar 137223 individuals are reacting torepparttar 137224 introduction of your products. If you did your research properly and fulfilled a need well, most probably you would receive a very warm response from forums and newsgroups.

Finally, asrepparttar 137225 online retailer for your niche market, you should aim to berepparttar 137226 best online resource forrepparttar 137227 market. Articles, strategies and guides should be included on your website to provide your niche market with valuable information. For example, you can write your own guides on how to properly use tools for magician tricks if that is what you are selling. However, it is not advisable to start off by selling an enormous catalogue of products. You should first establish your credibility by supplying your market with useful know-how forrepparttar 137228 products, and recommending them a few popular products. As your business stabilizes, you can slowly expand your business catalogue to include other products.

Selecting a niche market is one ofrepparttar 137229 most important steps for setting up a Drop Ship business. It laysrepparttar 137230 foundation for how your business will develop in future. Thus, spend some time carefully deciding on your niche market before takingrepparttar 137231 plunge into your business.

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Marketing Your Home Business

Written by Paul Jesse

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Additioanlly, while you are making your URL well known, make sure your web page is professional and accommodating to consumers. Make sure thatrepparttar checkout process is easy and convenient as well as secure. Using payment systems like Paypal might be a good idea for you because it allows a variety of paymet methods in many different currencies.

Advertising online does not have to be expensive. You can trade links with other relevant web pages, submit newsletters and articles to online ezines and directories with a resource box with a URL directing readers to your website. You can do banners and other paid advertising, but if you don’t have much of a budget try all ofrepparttar 137162 free options before you start paying money you do not have. As your business grow, your advertising budget can grow as well.

As long as you are creative and proactive in finding inexpensive and/or free advertising your business will grow, your revenues will grow and you will not be spending much at all on advertising. Remember,repparttar 137163 more people that are aware of your web page, increases traffic, referrals and ultimately purchases. Make sure your URL is visible to as many people as possible in as many places as possible.

Paul Jesse is a retired government employee, small business owner living in Arizona. For home remedies for common ailments, visit

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