Segmenting Your Target Audience Through Your Copywriting

Written by Karon Thackston

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Segmenting In Brochures

Create one brochure withrepparttar general information laid out within its panels. Then create a separate, single panel addressingrepparttar 108085 needs/wants of one specific segment of your market (seniors, athletes, etc.). When you mail or give out your brochures, simply sliprepparttar 108086 correct insert intorepparttar 108087 regular brochure, and you have a custom-designed marketing piece.

Segmenting On The Web

Web sites are also an excellent place to make use of segmenting. Starting with your home page, give general information that is applicable to all your site visitors. Then break outrepparttar 108088 information specific to each segment of your market. Give a brief description ofrepparttar 108089 details that this segment can expect to find and a link torepparttar 108090 page where they’ll find them.

When your customers click torepparttar 108091 various pages, they’ll find specifics on how your product will benefit them and their special needs.

NOTE: When you segment onrepparttar 108092 Web, you also have a great opportunity for search engine optimization. Many excellent keyphrases come from highly specific phrases. So, instead of “nutritional supplements,” you might find that “nutritional supplements for seniors” or “nutritional supplements for athletes” will give yourepparttar 108093 high rankings you want.

Segmenting In Print

Are you running newspaper ads? If so, ask about multiple placement discounts. Many papers will give you discounts for running ads in various sections ofrepparttar 108094 paper atrepparttar 108095 same time. This gives you greater exposure and also allows you to segment your market throughrepparttar 108096 use ofrepparttar 108097 different sections.

Before you lump all your customers into one category, take a good hard look. Do they have different needs? Do you see various groups immerging fromrepparttar 108098 crowd? Is there a way to segment your market? If your market is already broken into various segments, what isrepparttar 108099 best way to reach each group?

Once you determinerepparttar 108100 needs and wants of each segment of your target audience, you’ll be better equipped to write copy that appeals to them. When you accomplish this through your copywriting, you’ll find yourself with higher conversion ratios and more sales.

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