Seeking to Nurture Others? Start By Finding Yourself!

Written by Fran Hendrick

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Those who resonate with a spiritual approach may connect withrepparttar words of minister, teacher and author, Mary Manin Morrissey. In a recent interview with fitness expert Suzy Prudden, Ms. Morrissey emphasizedrepparttar 137117 importance of discoveringrepparttar 137118 essence of who we really are, that is, spiritual beings having a human experience. She went on to state that self acceptance is necessary in order to lead a joyful life. Essential to that self acceptance, isrepparttar 137119 recognition that we are more thanrepparttar 137120 sum of our roles and our experiences. "Who I am," she says, "is more than my story."

Co-founder ofrepparttar 137121 Association for Global New Thought, Mary has twice spoken atrepparttar 137122 United Nations and co-convened conferences with His Holinessrepparttar 137123 Dalai Lama. Ms. Morrissey offers an optimistic perspective onrepparttar 137124 challenges of life. Happiness and freedom, she teaches, do not derive from what happens to us, but rather from what we do with what happens to us. Our ability to shape our own perspective gives usrepparttar 137125 personal power to shape our experience of our lives.

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Written by David A. Wells

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Then read it out loud every day. Memorize it and say it to yourself often. Make yourself believe it.

Belief is important. Belief createsrepparttar conditions necessary for you to achieve what you desire.

Hard to believe? That’s why you have to work every day to convince yourself to believe in your success. You’re brainwashing yourself into this belief through self-directed, daily indoctrination.

The result will be a burning, driving and consuming motivation to makerepparttar 137073 object of your desire a reality.

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