Seek Engines: What If 'Seek' Had Bumped Out 'Search'?

Written by Kevin Kantola

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Search and Ye Shall Find

What if there had also been a backlash to all of this seeking? In repparttar struggle to becomerepparttar 127874 number one term forrepparttar 127875 same activity, this could happen. The instant messenger service ICQ could have chosen to go another direction and today we would have cumbersome ISEARCH4U. Some ofrepparttar 127876 search engine themselves may now have different names such as, and Out inrepparttar 127877 real world, your kids could be playing Hide & Search. And, ifrepparttar 127878 police were closing in on you forrepparttar 127879 aforementioned reprehensible acts, you may be searching asylum in another country.

Fun of Finding

The goal of seeking or searching is to find. If you find what you need, you've had a successful experience. But, what if fromrepparttar 127880 early experiences onrepparttar 127881 Internet, neither search nor seek were chosen in order to find? We could talk aboutrepparttar 127882 Look or Find Engines now, but that's a whole new subject altogether, my friend. Let's just leave this one alone.

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Why Pay Per Inclusion Search Engines are Dying

Written by John Lynch

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Search Engine Model is Similar to Television

This is all similar to television where programmes are made forrepparttar masses and given away free. Thenrepparttar 127873 advertisers step in and makerepparttar 127874 money! As a search engine survives byrepparttar 127875 quality of its search results, surfers and sites flocked to Google making itrepparttar 127876 number one search engine.

Whyrepparttar 127877 Death of Pay-Per-Inclusion SEís is Good for Small Sites

Only large quality SE databases can fulfilrepparttar 127878 needs of surfers. Your relationships withrepparttar 127879 search engines is one of mutual benefit. You needrepparttar 127880 traffic andrepparttar 127881 search engines providerepparttar 127882 quality content.

Therefore by creating good websites with quality content and submitting them free torepparttar 127883 search engines, you are both winning. There is no need to spend enormous amounts on search engine submission and optimisation. All you need to do is create good websites withrepparttar 127884 appropriate keywords for your pages and everything else will take care of itself.

Of course, this is where we were atrepparttar 127885 beginning ofrepparttar 127886 Internet revolution, except certain search engines got too greedy and thought they could cash in on unfortunate small website owners!

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