Seeing things differently - an invitation

Written by Andy Smith MCLC

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I stopped at that point and looked back alongrepparttar valley: stillrepparttar 110129 same trees,repparttar 110130 same fields of wheat,repparttar 110131 same houses, but all different now, all now being viewed from a different viewpoint, from a different perspective. I'd changedrepparttar 110132 way that I was looking at things. The leafy green woods toppled downrepparttar 110133 emerald green hills andrepparttar 110134 golden wheat rippled inrepparttar 110135 breeze,repparttar 110136 thick, luxurious hedgerows overflowed with bird song andrepparttar 110137 gossamer wings ofrepparttar 110138 multitude of bees and multi-coloured butterflies delicately caressingrepparttar 110139 air.

I wandered home and reflected on how in life we can grow accustomed to things; to our surroundings, to our relationships, to our work and leisure time. Sometimes becoming trapped in a viewpoint that prevents us from being open to new ideas or unable to escape long held convictions about others and even about ourselves.

So today, I'd like to invite you to go looking for that different viewpoint, that new perspective, and see if you can see things differently.

I live in the heart of England and have been married for 15 years and have two wonderful children.

I've been fortunate enough to work in some of the most fascinating and innovative industries in the world; working with Sega, Universal Studios, MCA, Virgin and the BBC here in England.

As a full time coach I'm naturally an eternal optimist and believe firmly in the potential of others.

Have Bananas Lost Their Mojo?

Written by Aimee Cremasco

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Honduran scientists have peeled and sifted 400 tons of bananas in an effort to find seeds for breeding—they found 15 of them. Though it may not sound like many, scientists are developing a fungus-resistant variety that could be grown organically.

Sure, modern science may be able to save this fruit, but even if bananas survive thenext 10 years, chances are they will look and taste quite different.

This article was featured inrepparttar January 2003 issue of Sophia's Royal Report:

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