Seeing Sound: VJs Create Music Videos in 3D

Written by Scott G (The G-Man)

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The creation of a music video used to require days or weeks for preparation and a production schedule that utilized a crew of people, including producer, director, cinematographer, and a host of technical professionals. Now, one person can plan it in a matter of hours and make 3 or 4 real-time performances ofrepparttar video, with a quick edit to userepparttar 145043 best parts of each one.

"Visuals are stimulated and changed immediately and constantly byrepparttar 145044 audio mix," Brewington points out, "becauserepparttar 145045 software drawsrepparttar 145046 scenes from audio and midi messages in real-time."

The imagery produces a strikingly realistic appearance of three dimensions asrepparttar 145047 viewer seems to be moving over, under, around, and even through glowing, spinning objects. "The result is a harmonious visual confirmation forrepparttar 145048 mind's eye, connecting what you see onrepparttar 145049 screen withrepparttar 145050 sounds you are hearing," states Jimmy Hotz of 3dMaxMedia.

Gone arerepparttar 145051 days ofrepparttar 145052 12-person "light show" crew fromrepparttar 145053 late sixties or early seventies. More than three decades have passed sincerepparttar 145054 light show was taken to great heights by such legendary artists as Single Wing Turquoise Bird, Glenn McKay's Head Lights, and Bill Ham's Light Sound Dimension.

These creators, as well as New Glory Lights, Brotherhood of Light, Joshua Lights, and Diogenes Lantern Works, once formedrepparttar 145055 visual backdrop (or surround vision, inrepparttar 145056 case of Ronald Nameth's work for John Cage's HPSCHD) for major concerts. But instead ofrepparttar 145057 big crews required for these events,repparttar 145058 one-person VJ is now taking over. The speed of creativity is higher than ever,repparttar 145059 costs are more reasonable, andrepparttar 145060 complexity ofrepparttar 145061 animation is spectacular inrepparttar 145062 extreme.

The 'Squealorama' video can be viewed onrepparttar 145063 Web site of Delvian Records, distributor of The G-Man's albums. Here isrepparttar 145064 link:

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Scott G owns commercial production firm G-Man Music & Radical Radio in Los Angeles, where he has completed voiceover and music compositions for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, The Auto Club, Micron, NASSCO and many others. A member of NARIP and NARAS, his music is on the Web at iTunes. John Brewington (VJ Sound Brew) creates live, interactive, 3D imagery for concerts, music videos, corporate events, and commercials.

Struggling to Manage Your Ever-Growing Digital Photo Collection?

Written by John Grand

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a) clean uprepparttar clutter by putting things in their place, boxing up less important things, and throwing away junk.


b) walk aroundrepparttar 143277 house with a notepad and jot downrepparttar 143278 current location of each item of clutter. As clutter gets moved around, either keeprepparttar 143279 notepad up to date, or schedule a new walkthrough to generate a new list each day or week.

Obviously, a notepad of item locations is better than nothing, but what you really want is a solution that truly organizes your clutter instead of inventorying it.

ii) Can you easily organize groups of photos into virtual photo albums? How easy is it to move photos around to different albums as you refine your organization? Or better yet, can a photo appear in multiple albums without having to make duplicates ofrepparttar 143280 photo? For example, if you have a photo of Aunt Martha taken during Christmas 2004, you might want it to appear in an album containing all photos of Aunt Martha, and a Christmas Memories album, as well asrepparttar 143281 album of all 2004 photos.

iii) Can you sort your photos in any order that you want? Or is there a forced order depending on which photos you added first, or file names, or file dates, etc? How easy is it to changerepparttar 143282 order? Can you just "drag" a photo to its new position?

iv) Can you add extra information to your photos? Withoutrepparttar 143283 digital photo album software, all you have is a set of image files. The only information that you can record is inrepparttar 143284 name ofrepparttar 143285 file (e.g. aunt_martha_xmas_2004.jpg). Most software packages will allow you to add some notes, or maybe a date to your photos. How easy is it to add this information? If you just came back from a trip to Mexico with 50 pictures, do you have to addrepparttar 143286 title "Mexico" 50 times, or can you add it to all of them at once?


Evenrepparttar 143287 most basic digital photo album software will let you page through each photo in an album. Look for a thumbnail list that can help you hop to various photos inrepparttar 143288 album, rather than always looking at them sequentially.

The software should also let you print your photos. Check how easy it is to controlrepparttar 143289 size and location of your photo on a page. With a decent printer and some photo paper, you can print amazing photos yourself, rather than paying for a printing service.

Another fun and convenient way to show off your photo albums is with slideshows. There are a tremendous variety of slideshow designs that digital photo album packages will generate for you. Look for how much flexibility you have in displayingrepparttar 143290 photos and notes, how easy it is to embellishrepparttar 143291 background for your slideshow, and what software is required to viewrepparttar 143292 slideshow. If it can be viewed on its own or with common software such as web browsers, then you can send a slideshow to friends and family on a CD or DVD.


While digital photos are more vulnerable than developed photos, they are also much easier to protect. Can you imagine making copies of all your developed photos just for safekeeping? Withrepparttar 143293 right tools, making a copy of your digital photos is trivial. In fact, you can make multiple copies, or backups, and give some to friends and family. Then even if your house does burn down, your photos are not lost! Your digital photo album software should provide an easy backup and recovery mechanism.


If you store photos on a shared computer, managing security is a must. You don't want other people to be able to modify, and perhaps even view, your photos. On a family computer, you might choose to let young children look atrepparttar 143294 photos, but not allow them to delete or modify your photo albums. Some digital photo album software packages provide basic security settings, while others ignore this area completely. Security requirements differ widely based on your circumstances. Decide ahead of time if you think that this is something that you need to have.

Whichever digital photo album software you choose, you will be miles ahead in terms of organization then you would be without any software. I think you'll find that digital photo album software is like email. You may not feel a need for it now, but once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it! Just remember thatrepparttar 143295 goal is to enjoy your photo collection, not to get frustrated with yet another software program. So snap allrepparttar 143296 digital photos that you want, and get some easy to use digital photo album software to help you manage them all.

John Grand is the creative force behind Photo SafeStore, the revolutionary award-winning digital photo album software. John has over twenty years of experience in the software industry. Photo SafeStore represents a technological breakthrough in digital photo album software that merges the complexity of image handling with databases. The result is a product like no other:

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