Seeing Purple: On Pens and Paying Attention

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

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No, I use purple as my black because of Alice Walker and chromotherapy. If boysenberry walls stimulate deeper concentration in monks who spend all day meditating, it's good enough for me. Besides, I look good in it.

I hand out custom-ordered purple M&Ms in my workshops as part of a mindfulness exercise. I encourage clients to consider grape-colored items as triggers for paying attention. Would red work just as well? Possibly, but it's more glaring. Red reminds us of sirens--and blood.

Red says "gotta" while purple says "please". Red means business, but purple hints that there's a party downrepparttar hall when you're finished.

Critics ofrepparttar 109322 pen switch say that educators should be more concerned with teaching skills and less worried about bruising feelings. They say that those traditional red pens create tension and that's what motivates students to get it right next time.

Hmm. Tension doesn't help me learn better.

I don't like paying bills, but using purple ink to write my checks makes it all a bit more festive. I'm guessing teachers would benefit fromrepparttar 109323 color switch as much as students.

Purple isrepparttar 109324 color of mindfulness. I can't think of anything more likely to prevent mistakes than a friendly reminder to pay attention. Purple pens could turn out to be effective triggers for learning, and atrepparttar 109325 very least, make those corrections more palatable.

Now, where's that party?

Maya Talisman Frost is a mind masseuse offering specialized mindfulness training in Portland, Oregon. She is a former teacher and the mother of four teenage daughters. Her work has inspired thinkers in over 90 countries. To subscribe to her free weekly ezine, the Friday Mind Massage, visit

How to improve your memory in 5 easy steps

Written by Memory Improvement

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Step #4: Learn with a clear mind

Try to be relaxed when learning. It is harder to learn something when you are stressed, tired, anxious or angry. You learn more, better and faster when your mind is not occupied by thoughts that distract you.

Also eliminate distractions like clutter, and other things that can distract you. Learn in stimulating, light and positive environment. Distractions can keep you unfocused and waste your time. Before you learn, make sure thatrepparttar learning environment is free from distractions.

Step #5: Always educate yourself about memory

Your memory is one ofrepparttar 109321 most important assets that you have and learning how to improve your memory is very important. By having a better memory you can make more money, be more effective, save time, always remember important details, look smarter, have more friends and so much more.

Considering allrepparttar 109322 advantages that good memory gives you and how easily you can improve your memory, it wouldn't be wise to not do anything about it.

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