Seeing Blue, Feeling Blue

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Life wasn’t easy on us. Drugs, suicide and violence affected people where I lived in a real way. The men that lived in my neighborhood wererepparttar guys that actually fought inrepparttar 125933 Vietnam War. They wererepparttar 125934 guys who regularly rushed into burning buildings and when those 2 big ones collapsed in Manhattan, they wererepparttar 125935 guys who died. Family, where I grew up, was a priority andrepparttar 125936 glue that held us onrepparttar 125937 brink of sanity.

No, I don’t know any northeastern elites or moral degenerates. I’ve known a bunch of decent people living liferepparttar 125938 best they can, who value their family and their God. They may not always agree with you but that’s probably because they’ve lead a tough, different kind of life than most are used to. They have a different perspective on things that’s rooted in where they’ve come from, what they’ve seen with their own eyes, and heard with their own ears.

And they don’t know how truly good they are.

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Written by Jean Fritz

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EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OBLIGATIONS Unlike many conservatives, I firmly believe that women as well as men should have military obligations. If we women truly want to claim equality underrepparttar law, we have an obligation equal to that of men to protect and defendrepparttar 125932 Constitution which allows us to make that claim. Women inrepparttar 125933 United States haverepparttar 125934 right to vote, to own property, to receive an education, to work outsiderepparttar 125935 home, to pray, and to speak our minds on social policy. Why should we be exempt from action when those rights are threatened? Feminists fought long and hard to allow women to serve in combat roles; including women in selective service call-ups isrepparttar 125936 logical result.

DEFENDING THE SECOND AMENDMENT Gun control advocates userepparttar 125937 excuse thatrepparttar 125938 average citizen shouldn’t own guns, asrepparttar 125939 Constitution only guaranteesrepparttar 125940 right to bear arms to those involved in a “well-regulated militia.” Having every citizen actually be a soldier eliminates this argument. Plus, having more law-abiding people actually trained inrepparttar 125941 effective use of firearms would certainly contribute torepparttar 125942 safety and security of cities and towns acrossrepparttar 125943 country.

The United States is one ofrepparttar 125944 only countries that does not mandate military service for its citizens. Our partner and ally, Israel, has always expected its citizens to be prepared, trained, and ready to defend itself againstrepparttar 125945 burgeoning monster of terrorism. Sincerepparttar 125946 events of 9/11, shouldn’t we begin to think along those same lines?

Jean Fritz is a farmer and freelance writer. Her articles and essays have been published on the internet as well as in print. She can be contacted via email at:

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