Seecrets on Website Promotion: Search Engine Wars – a Different Perspective

Written by Stan Seecrets

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Some possible dark horses inrepparttar race may include Clusty and Accoona. Clusty has some nifty clustering technology that can provide different categories while Accoona has search abilities based on artificial intelligence. Accoona also has a large customer base in China whererepparttar 140372 internet population isrepparttar 140373 biggest inrepparttar 140374 world surpassing that of U.S.

This author’s take:

Despite its pronouncements, Google will need a large customer base to be able to provide “more personalized searches”. Providing 2GB free email isrepparttar 140375 first step, from which it can harvest a lot of raw data which many privacy advocates are strongly oppose to.

Google’s plan to digitize allrepparttar 140376 books inrepparttar 140377 major libraries may leadrepparttar 140378 company into a legal quagmire of copyright issues involving publishers and authors.

Maybe,repparttar 140379 emergence of some “intelligent” browsers with in-built artificial intelligence capabilities which can bypass search engine servers altogether – instead these agents would apply filters or weights according torepparttar 140380 wishes ofrepparttar 140381 individual searcher.

Google typifiesrepparttar 140382 successful upstart – self-assured, confident and secretive, causing dismay to analysts and fund managers. During its recent IPO (Initial Public Offering), Google bypassedrepparttar 140383 traditional route via underwriters and brokers thus denying them a share ofrepparttar 140384 spoils. This slap onrepparttar 140385 wrist would not go down too well with these lords ofrepparttar 140386 financial world. Should Google face some difficulties or stumbles, this publicly traded company may give new meaning torepparttar 140387 expression “When it rains, it pours”.

Expect mergers, takeovers to berepparttar 140388 norm. The real leader ofrepparttar 140389 internet would evolve fromrepparttar 140390 diverse parties and it would includerepparttar 140391 Ebay-Paypal component. We live in interesting times.

Stan Seecrets’ Postulate: “The imminent war for world domination will be fought betweenrepparttar 140392 gods ofrepparttar 140393 internet andrepparttar 140394 gods of finance.”

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The author, Stan Seecrets, is a veteran software developer with 25+ years experience at ( which specializes in digital asset protection. You can email him with comments and criticism via Stan at Seecrets dot biz. © Copyright 2005, Stan Seecrets. All rights reserved.

RSS - bringing news to your desk

Written by Steve Nichols

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You can even have your own MP3 radio programmes - or Podcasts – for people to download. See

Anything is possible as programmes are available to convert an RSS feed into HTML for web pages.


What is RSS? It stands for Really Simple Syndication - a way of pushing news and other material from a website direct to your desktop. Alternatively, it is a way of sharing data with other web sites or intranets – automatically.

What is so special about it? With RSS you choose what you would like to subscribe to. Then,repparttar RSS news reader or aggregator makes sure that your news sources are updated on a regular basis.

How does it work? RSS uses a format called XML (Extensible Mark-up Language). XML is closely related to HTML and is a great format for content that is shared between different platforms such as web, print and databases.

Where do I get a news reader program from? There are lots available, butrepparttar 140351 most common for Windows include NewzCrawler, FeedDemon and Awasu. For Macintosh OSXrepparttar 140352 BBC recommends Newsfire and NetNewsWire.

Do I have to use a news reader? No. You can sign-up to RSS newsfeed via a web-based service like Bloglines ( Most of these types of service are free.

How do I sign up to a newsfeed? First you have to find a feed that interests you. There are literally thousands to choose from and there are web-based lists to help you. You can also look out forrepparttar 140353 small “RSS” or “XML” image that appears on some web sites – such as If you see this symbol, click on it and it will display a page of what looks like gibberish. This isrepparttar 140354 XML code. All you then have to do is copyrepparttar 140355 URL of that page (eg into your news reader or Bloglines account and you will be able to readrepparttar 140356 latest news.

Is RSS just for text-based news? Far from it. RSS can be used to deliver multimedia to your desktop. Podcasting isrepparttar 140357 name given to audio feeds that are delivered to your computer for downloading to your iPod or MP3 player. You will find a feature on podcasting onrepparttar 140358 website.

Steve Nichols ( runs InfoTech Communications. InfoTech specialises in online communications and has acted as intranet consultant and trainer for many blue-chip companies including Aviva, AWG, Shell, BT, Standard Life, HBOS, BNFL, Accenture and Australia New Zealand Bank.

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