Seecrets On Website Promotion: The Hard Truths On Writing Free-Reprint Articles

Written by Stan Seecrets

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Have lower expectations - taking a digit or two off fromrepparttar figures is closer to reality for most writers.

Chooserepparttar 142932 right topics. Writing about celebrities, hair are popular topics. There is one particular article on hair in places whererepparttar 142933 sun has hardly shone before, which had over 30,000 hits in an article-submission site alone. In contrast, articles written by this author on cryptography and technical analysis have only 100 hits. How these popular topics are related to your website’s theme will need your creativity at its best.

Consider using teenagers and young people as your test-market. If they do not read your articles, chances are, few would.

Submission to article sites is an exercise in patience. The author still wonders how some experts still claim there are hundreds of article submission sites, when there are only tens of listed article depositories. Probably, they may be referring torepparttar 142934 thousands of one-theme sites such as web marketing.

Despite some flaws, this author still recommends article-writing as a web promotion tool. Seeing your articles accepted by 100 sites and read by thousands is indeed gratifying. Seeing your opinion being quoted and discussed in forums is exhilarating. Seeing one of your articles being blatantly pirated provides a new badge of honor – how many articles get pirated anyway? The internet, like everyone else, is imperfect.

Stan Seecrets’ Postulate: “Website promotion is a journey of a million sweats. Savor each drop and it will taste like honey.”

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Prophetic Nerds

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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The computer-to-phone service does have a fee but it still costs less thanrepparttar rates on a normal telephone, although my friend says thatrepparttar 142931 quality isn't as good asrepparttar 142932 other Skype method yet. What does this mean for future communication in our world? It means eventually telephone companies will probably have to become Internet communication providers, and by that stage they will probably raise prices, as they will be losing so much ofrepparttar 142933 revenue that they make now from overcharging on telephone services. It's kind of likerepparttar 142934 situation we have with fossil fuels versus environmentally friendly energy production. Even thoughrepparttar 142935 technology exists,repparttar 142936 oil companies aren't going to bring it out until they've made every cent they can fromrepparttar 142937 old technology.

However, asrepparttar 142938 Internet is a new medium whererepparttar 142939 general public has much more power and freedom from corporation and government constraints, this new technology has a much better chance of being implemented into our society straight away. 115 million downloads of Skype alone means that ifrepparttar 142940 phone companies try and block this sort of communication completely, people probably won't stand for it. This is also an important fact as it means that Internet nerds have a much better chance of bringing their ideas to reality, compared with nerds in other areas of human progress that are controlled more by big money-makers. As for now, if I were you I'd get onto Skype or another Internet voice communication provider and save your hard earned cash for as long as you can.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer doesn't like being called a nerd, but if nerds are creating a better life for the world, he might just deal with it.

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