Seecrets On Website Promotion: Results Of Open Source Marketing Plan After 2 Months

Written by Stan Seecrets

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This isrepparttar first step of a long journey. There will be more mountains to climb, battles to fight, obstacles to overcome and so forth. This author is satisfied thatrepparttar 149026 chosen brand has taken root. Whether this root can grow to support a giant redwood tree or just a bush that will wither away inrepparttar 149027 next few years, is yet to be seen.

This author wishes to thankrepparttar 149028 fine people behind,,, and many others for making this tumultuous journey for this techie-turned-Internet writer, a smoother one.

The Joe Nogood Gift Store Story – Joe runs for Political Office (Episode 2)

[Author’s note: Joe Nogood and are fictional. It is an experiment to portray current events and issues (where angels fear to tread) in a lighthearted perhaps entertaining manner. Below is a conversation between Joe and his longtime buddy, Stan.]

Joe: Let’s go and visit DMV.

Stan: DMV? You’ve just renewed your driving license last week.

Joe: Notrepparttar 149029 Department of Motor Vehicles, you dummy. The Drunkards of Mountain View – they’re so fixated on brandy, burgundy, booze stuff (referring to their search algorithms’ names). They are drunk with their own success.

Stan: What name will they use for their next algorithm?

Joe: BS.

Stan: But, BS is an organic matter. What has that got to do with booze?

Joe: Ah,repparttar 149030 Danes use plenty of that stuff to make methane gas. By using genetically modified bacteria, you can use this BS stuff to make ethane gas,repparttar 149031 precursor of ethanol – pure 200-proof alcohol.

Stan: Why visit these drunkards then?

Joe: All their rankings stuff are BS. Somehow, they managed to convincerepparttar 149032 whole world and make a lot of money inrepparttar 149033 process. They may provide a few pointers on how to be President.

Stan: President?

Joe: By using DMV in our pages, DMV is related to roads and being a middle-of-the-road candidate, we’ll occupy all top 100 rankings for all our web pages. Joe I. Nogood is running for President withrepparttar 149034 slogan "I NoGood".

Stan (thinking to himself): Joe has a way of makingrepparttar 149035 irrelevant, relevant. Just maybe, Joe will make a great President. Maybe.

[To be continued]

Stan Seecrets Postulate: Where we originate isrepparttar 149036 same – our mothers’ womb. Where we are heading isrepparttar 149037 same – six-feet under. In between, we communicate. (Inspired by George Santayana, Spanish-born American philosopher - There is no cure for birth or death save to enjoyrepparttar 149038 interval).

The author, Stan Seecrets, is a veteran software developer with 25+ years experience at which specializes in digital asset protection and total website management. You can send your views or criticism by e-mail to Stan at © Copyright 2005, Stan Seecrets. All rights reserved

Build Better Link Popularity with Syndicated Articles

Written by Scott Hawksworth

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Article topics should also be interesting. If a website is focused on a specific subject, an article about an interesting element of that subject will be syndicated more than a general article. For example, there may be hundreds of available articles about mortgage refinancing, but how many articles focus on ways financial advisors will try to manipulate someone seeking to refinance?

4) Stay Organized

Time should be taken when finding article sites to submit to. There are many Web sites that have large lists of article sites that accept submissions. A good technique is to submit articles to all ofrepparttar article sites in a list and check later to see if those articles have been syndicated. Searching forrepparttar 148965 title ofrepparttar 148966 article submitted in quotations on Google will show where exactly it has been reprinted. Backlink searches on MSN and Yahoo! can also be helpful. Building a solid list of verified article sites can help maximize article syndication and also time efficiency.

Some article sites only accept submissions via e-mail. Some SEOs shy away from e-mailing articles because it is more time consuming and often involvesrepparttar 148967 creation of a biography and picture submission. E-mail submission article sites however are often more inclined to only reprint articles of high quality, and thus these types of sites' articles are often widely syndicated.

5) Write a Killer Resource Box

The heart and soul of a syndicated article is its resource box. The anchor text and link destination ofrepparttar 148968 links inrepparttar 148969 articles should be varied. Varying anchor text will help avoid penalties in search engine rankings and create higher-value links. Often changingrepparttar 148970 resource box after submitting to each site proves beneficial. An article about dogs withrepparttar 148971 anchor text "dogs" should be varied with anchor text like "puppies" forrepparttar 148972 other article submissions. Using technology such as latent semantic analysis, search engines will notice "dog" and "puppy" as related words, but will not penalizerepparttar 148973 site for having unnatural links (e.g., if all ofrepparttar 148974 links used "dog" as anchor text). This same effect can be achieved by varyingrepparttar 148975 link target. Linkingrepparttar 148976 first half ofrepparttar 148977 article submissions to page A, andrepparttar 148978 second half to page B will avoid penalties from search engines like Google. Articles are a proven way to get links, but if a new site suddenly acquires 100 links torepparttar 148979 same place in a short time, search engines might penalize it.

Article submission is a great way to get high quality links from topically related sites. The more effort and care given to an article that is submitted,repparttar 148980 more syndication potential an article has. Compelling titles, high-quality content, and interesting topics will all improverepparttar 148981 syndication of an article. Varying backlink text and destinations can also help avoid heavy penalties from search engines. Some SEOs believe that only traditional directory submissions and link swapping are effective methods of building links. I, however, am a firm believer inrepparttar 148982 power of a well-written article to deliver a large number of topically related links to any fledgling site.

Scott Hawksworth works as a link popularity campaign manager for Andy Hagans Link Building.

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