See the Birthday of Britney Spears & Other 1980s Star Babies

Written by Michael Cree

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Born In 1981

1. Alicia Keys, R&B Singer, 1/25/1981 2. Anna Kournikova, Tennis Player/Model, 6/7/1981 3. Barbara & Jenna Bush, First Daughters, 11/25/1981 4. Beyonce Knowles, Pop Star, 9/4/1981 5. Britney Spears, Pop Star, 12/02/1981 6. Craig David, R&B Singer, 5/5/1981 7. Elijah Wood, Actor, 1/28/1981 8. Ivanka Trump, Model, 10/30/1981 9. Jessica Alba, Actor, 4/28/1981 10. Josh Groban, Singer, 2/27/1981 11. Julia Stiles, Actor, 3/28/1981 12. Justin Timberlake, Pop Star, 1/31/1981 13. Natalie Portman, Actor, 6/9/1981 14. Paris Hilton, Celebrity, 2/17/1981 15. Serena Williams, Tennis Champion, 9/26/1981 16. Roger Federer, Tennis Champion, 8/8/1981 17. Nicole Ritchie, Celebrity, 9/21/1981

BORN IN 1982

1. Anna Paquin, Actor, 7/24/1982 2. Kelly Clarkson, Pop Singer, 4/24/1982 3. LeAnn Rimes, Country Singer, 8/28/1982 4. Leelee Sobieski, Actor, 6/10/1982 5. Tara Lipinski, Figure Skater, 6/10/1982 6. Andy Roddick, Tennis Champion, 8/30/1982

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Choosing the right HDTV antenna for you

Written by Kenny Hemphill

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Amazon sells a number of antennae for HDTV and user opinion on them varies greatly. For example, this Terk HDTVi Indoor VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna gets slated by users, while this Gemini ZHDTV1 HDTV-UHF Digital Indoor Antenna, which is actually cheaper thanrepparttar Terk, gets great reviews.

As with any item of electronics,repparttar 109991 key is to do your research. Find out as much as you can aboutrepparttar 109992 HDTV signal in your area, and if possible speak to people locally who are receiving HDTV via an antenna, before you buy.

Kenny Hemphill is the editor and publisher of The HDTV Tuner

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