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Written by Sanjay Johari

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4.Click on update button.

5.A similar looking page opens. Down below on this page in "Step Three" there is a code which has to be installed on your website. Copy this code and paste it on a text editor. On right side ofrepparttar page you can see howrepparttar 134328 feed will look on your page.

6.Go to step 2 and select some other RSS feeds. Repeat steps 3 to 5 and you will have a collection of codes to be installed on your website.

7.Selectrepparttar 134329 web page where you want to install RSS feeds. I would suggest creating a new page exclusively for RSS feeds.

8.Deciderepparttar 134330 location onrepparttar 134331 web page for installing RSS feed. Inrepparttar 134332 HTML code ofrepparttar 134333 web page, paste one ofrepparttar 134334 codes of RSS feeds atrepparttar 134335 location you have decided.

9.See how RSS feeds looks on your page. You will need to be connected torepparttar 134336 net to seerepparttar 134337 feeds. You can make necessary corrections until you getrepparttar 134338 right appearance.

10.Add all other RSS feed codes belowrepparttar 134339 first one. Separate each code with breaks. This will put allrepparttar 134340 feeds in one column.

So that's it. Simple steps. This will display some popular RSS feeds on your web site using Java. From this starting point you can think of installing other Java scripts or PHP scripts to display any RSS feeds of your choice.

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How much bandwidth does your web site need?

Written by Marc Eberhart

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While we’re onrepparttar topic of daily bandwidth limits, I’d also like to point out that if you’re hosting with a free host – such as Yahoo! Geocities – prepare for bandwidth limitations of just 3-5 megabytes per day. This means that you won’t be hosting any video clips or large downloads for long. I once had a web site hosted with Geocities that consisted of just one page – one single page. The page was filled with tons of sports car images both big and small. Once my site started to get 100 visitors per day, even that amount of traffic caused me to exceed my daily bandwidth limit. As a result, my site was shut down almost every day, for a period of several months, due to continually exceeding my daily bandwidth limit.

The point I am trying to make with this article is that with proper preparation and web site design, you can ensure that you always have enough bandwidth to go around. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) When building a new web site, try to makerepparttar 134327 pages as small (file size) as possible. There are many free tools out there that will tell yourepparttar 134328 size of your pages and can also compress them to make them more compact.

2) When using images on your web site, try not to go crazy – keeprepparttar 134329 number of images to a minimum. If you must use tons of images, try a .jpeg or .gif compression tool to makerepparttar 134330 images as small as possible.

3) Make a concerted effort not to offer too many files for download. If for some reason you feel that you need to offer hundreds of downloadable files, try to select ones that are small (1-2 megs) in size.

By followingrepparttar 134331 tips above, you’ll be able to more accurately predict your bandwidth needs based on your web site content and estimated traffic. Obviously these tips are only general guidelines –repparttar 134332 true test is launching your web site and carefully observing and monitoring your bandwidth usage patterns for several months. Inevitably you may need to alter your web site layout/content from time to time to stay within your monthly bandwidth limits. Better yet, if your site becomes so popular that you really do need more bandwidth, simply order more bandwidth from your existing web host or switch to a host that provides more generous monthly data transfer. As your web site grows in size and popularity, sufficient bandwidth will always be a concern, but, such isrepparttar 134333 price of success!

Marc Eberhart is an IT Project Manager, webmaster, and all-around Internet junkie. His web site offers visitors 40% off web hosting plans with top-rated hosting companies.

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