See How To Troubleshoot Your Power Supply

Written by Otis F. Cooper

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Turn offrepparttar PC,but do not unplug it,openrepparttar 107753 system unit. Setrepparttar 107754 multimeter to read DC volts inrepparttar 107755 next range higher than 12 volts.Locate a power connector similair torepparttar 107756 hard drive,or cdrom drive connector that is unused and turn onrepparttar 107757 PC.

You can also unplug a drive connector and use it as well.Turn onrepparttar 107758 PC and insertrepparttar 107759 BLACK probe intorepparttar 107760 power connector on one ofrepparttar 107761 BLACK wires.Touchrepparttar 107762 RED probe torepparttar 107763 YELLOW wire onrepparttar 107764 power connector.

The multimeter reading should be +12 volts Now touch repparttar 107765 RED probe torepparttar 107766 RED wire andrepparttar 107767 reading should be +5 volts.If no readings or different readings occured,you'll have to replacerepparttar 107768 power supply.Ifrepparttar 107769 readings were correct,you should checkrepparttar 107770 P8 or P9 connectors atrepparttar 107771 motherboard. These connectors may also be named P4 and P5.To check these connectors,performrepparttar 107772 following...

Insertrepparttar 107773 BLACK probe into P8 at one ofrepparttar 107774 BLACK wires. Insertrepparttar 107775 RED probe intorepparttar 107776 P8 connector atrepparttar 107777 RED wire. The reading onrepparttar 107778 multimeter should be +5 volts

Checkrepparttar 107779 power going torepparttar 107780 Motherboard connections by insertingrepparttar 107781 RED probe into P8 atrepparttar 107782 YELLOW wire and you should get +12 volts.Leaverepparttar 107783 BLACK wire touchingrepparttar 107784 black wire atrepparttar 107785 P8 connector.Checkrepparttar 107786 BLUE wire andrepparttar 107787 reading should be a -12 volts.

Now moverepparttar 107788 BLACK probe torepparttar 107789 BLACK wire onrepparttar 107790 P9 connector.Testrepparttar 107791 WHITE wire by insertingrepparttar 107792 RED probe and repparttar 107793 reading should be -5 volts.Checkrepparttar 107794 RED wires onrepparttar 107795 P9 connector and you should get +5 volts on each red wire.You won't get exactly 5 or 12 volts butrepparttar 107796 readings will be very close, such as 5.02 volts.

Ifrepparttar 107797 Power Supply is a couple of volts off,in either direction,such as whenrepparttar 107798 RED wire should be reading -5 volts but it reads -8 volts,or if there are no readings,replacerepparttar 107799 power supply.

DO NOT removerepparttar 107800 power supply fromrepparttar 107801 system unit case when performing these tests.DO NOT perform these tests if you do not feel comfortable.Be sure to remove any and all electrical static build-up from your clothes and body BEFORE touching any parts insiderepparttar 107802 system unit.And NEVER openrepparttar 107803 power supply case for any reason,since high voltage may be present.

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Learn How To Install A Sound Card Fast

Written by Otis F. Cooper

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If you have on sound installed onrepparttar motherboard and you want to install another card,most systems will disablerepparttar 107752 motherboard integrated sound.If not, consult your computer manual to findrepparttar 107753 correct jumpers to disablerepparttar 107754 motherboard sound.

Nowrepparttar 107755 cdrom audio cable must be connected. Insert one end ofrepparttar 107756 audio cable forrepparttar 107757 cdrom or dvd drive intorepparttar 107758 CD-IN socket ofrepparttar 107759 sound card. The other end is inserted intorepparttar 107760 audio-out socket ofrepparttar 107761 cdrom or dvd drive.

Check and double check all connections before you replacerepparttar 107762 system unit cover.If all connections are good,replacerepparttar 107763 cover and rebootrepparttar 107764 system after all peripherals are reconnected.


The computer should automatically detectrepparttar 107765 new card and attempt to installrepparttar 107766 device drivers needed to communicate withrepparttar 107767 card.Windows should prompt you to installrepparttar 107768 software needed to allowrepparttar 107769 card to communicate torepparttar 107770 computer.

The new card should have come with a cdrom with device drivers and other software forrepparttar 107771 card.Simply insertedrepparttar 107772 cdrom inrepparttar 107773 cdrom drive and selectrepparttar 107774 cdrom installation when prompted.

Testrepparttar 107775 new sound card by re-bootingrepparttar 107776 computer. You should hearrepparttar 107777 Windows startup sound ifrepparttar 107778 card is operational.In some cases,the new card will be operational without rebooting your computer.

Installing or upgrading your sound card is that easy. You will need a quality speaker system to take full advantage of your new sound card.Get a speaker system with a super woofer for maximum sound quality.

Those new games and your new music cdroms will be much more exciting with that new sound bursting fromrepparttar 107779 new sound card.If you're blessed enough to have two computers,installrepparttar 107780 card inrepparttar 107781 other system,at your convience.This will give yourepparttar 107782 added training of installing computer components.

Otis F. Cooper is solely dedicated to boosting the knowledge and confidence of every computer user that is serious about knowing computers.Use his informative articles and videos to understand every aspect about the PC. Read more about his formula for pc training at

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