See How To Revive A Dead Computer

Written by otis cooper

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Replacerepparttar Power Supply rather than trying to repair it.

Ifrepparttar 107842 system make those click noises,butrepparttar 107843 screen is blank, checkrepparttar 107844 Monitor.

Ifrepparttar 107845 monitor proves to be good,checkrepparttar 107846 Video Card, even in a new system.

Another big headache you will most likely encounter if you're a regular user of your computer system,isrepparttar 107847 fact that Windows will fail to load orrepparttar 107848 system's POST will fail to run.Downloadrepparttar 107849 file below to learn much more aboutrepparttar 107850 Power On Self Test.Don't forget those preventive maintenance procedures that can be done to keep your PC running at peek performance.

Running such Windows ultilities as Scandisk,Disk Defragment,and Disk Cleanup will help your computer performing at its best.Using a can of compressed air removes dust that could build torepparttar 107851 point of causing a short.

If you getrepparttar 107852 computer to boot but it does not want to read fromrepparttar 107853 hard drive'the Master Boot Record onrepparttar 107854 hard drive may be corrupted or even missing. To verify thatrepparttar 107855 master boot record has not been damaged...

Boot fromrepparttar 107856 floppy disk that containsrepparttar 107857 FDISK program and typerepparttar 107858 command " fdisk mbr " to restorerepparttar 107859 master boot record onto your hard drive.

Otis F. Cooper is solely dedicated to boostingrepparttar 107860 knowledge and confidence of every computer user that is serious about knowing computers.Use his informative articles and videos to understand every aspect aboutrepparttar 107861 PC.Read more about his formula for pc training at

Otis F. Cooper is solely dedicated to boosting the knowledge and confidence of every computer user that is serious about knowing computers.Use his informative articles and videos to understand every aspect about the PC.Read more about his formula for pc training at

Problems with Floppy Disks

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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- More complex problems

In order to start faster, today's systems are usually set inrepparttar BIOS to boot fromrepparttar 107841 hard disk drive first. Checkrepparttar 107842 boot sequence inrepparttar 107843 BIOS setup. Ifrepparttar 107844 boot sequence starts withrepparttar 107845 letter of a hard disk drive (like C:), and that drive is having a problem,repparttar 107846 system will never even attempt to boot fromrepparttar 107847 floppy disk drive. Go to BIOS setup, and setrepparttar 107848 boot sequence to start with A.

In some companies,repparttar 107849 floppy drives are disabled for security reasons. This is done by either disablingrepparttar 107850 onboard FDD controller inrepparttar 107851 BIOS setup, or by removingrepparttar 107852 power cable or data cable fromrepparttar 107853 drive insiderepparttar 107854 computer.

- Weird problems

Sometimes when a technician is working inside a computer, they will temporarily removerepparttar 107855 data cable fromrepparttar 107856 floppy drive in order to get easier access to another component. They may fail to replacerepparttar 107857 cable properly, or putrepparttar 107858 cable on backwards. Ifrepparttar 107859 floppy drive's LED is always on,repparttar 107860 data cable may be reversed.

Sometimes a floppy disk can be read onrepparttar 107861 system that it was originally formatted on, but cannot be read on another system and vice versa. This is usually caused byrepparttar 107862 fact thatrepparttar 107863 head ofrepparttar 107864 floppy drive on one system is out of alignment.

=> As with all Windows(tm) systems, sometimesrepparttar 107865 operating system gets confused. If your system can't recognizerepparttar 107866 floppy drive or can't read any floppy disks, try rebootingrepparttar 107867 system.

If you are having a problem with a floppy disk, remember they are made super cheap and are not meant to be reliable, but they can still serve a very utilitarian purpose. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107868 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to ----------------------------------------------------------


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