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Written by Richard Lowe

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- Since they do not run on your computer, they can be challenging to configure.

Firewall mixture - In my mind,repparttar best protection is a combination of both hardware and software firewalls. This isrepparttar 132096 ideal, since both have different advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I use a SonicWall hardware firewall combined with ZoneAlarm Pro, which is installed on my Windows 2000 Professional system. The SonicWall protects my home network since it sits betweenrepparttar 132097 hub andrepparttar 132098 DSL modem, and ZoneAlarm Pro offers some additional protection for each system.

Testing Your Firewall - To test your firewall, surf to and request a probe. You will be given a very good report of exactly what issues were found and what to do about them. Oncerepparttar 132099 probe is finished several excellent personal firewall products are recommended. My personal favorite is ZoneAlarm Pro, primarily because it's protection is excellent and it is trivial to use.

Some Firewalls - A selection of personal firewalls is listed below.

- ZoneAlarm Pro - By farrepparttar 132100 best software firewall available. ZoneAlarm offers protection from both incoming connections and outgoing connections. It is also extremely easy to configure, has low system impact and is very inexpensive (a free version is also available).

- Norton Internet Security 2001 (which wasrepparttar 132101 AtGuard product from WRQ until a few months ago). Norton is a reasonable firewall, although it does have some vulnerabilities. It offers weak protection from outgoing connections and is somewhat difficult to configure if you want it to operate differently fromrepparttar 132102 default.

- BlackIce - A good choice in firewalls. Much easier than Norton to configure, but withrepparttar 132103 same vulnerabilities.

What I've done on my system is:

- Used a SonicWall hardware firewall to protect my entire home network.

- Installed ZoneAlarm Pro on ach system to provide additional safety

- And installed Norton Internet Security for it's privacy protection.

Due torepparttar 132104 rapidly changing nature ofrepparttar 132105 internet, it's very important to be continually monitoring security issues. You may purchaserepparttar 132106 perfect personal firewall today, only to find out in six months that it's been hacked to pieces. So be sure to be looking around, and be ready to get a newer and better product quickly. This is not one of those issues where you can scrimp and save. Your system is at risk.

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Password Safety

Written by Richard Lowe

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Rule number one is be prepared for disaster. Write down all of your usernames and passwords in a notebook (yes, on paper). No, really. You need to do this because computers sometimes die, and when they do it's atrepparttar worst possible time. You may not even have a backup, and if you loose all of your passwords you could lose a lot.

Keep this notebook safe, perhaps locked in a drawer. It's probably a good idea to keep a copy in your safe deposit box - so someone can get to your accounts after you die, perhaps, or if you are inrepparttar 132094 hospital or something else happens.

Now keep a computer record also, which you will maintain more up-to-date. I like using a program called Password Tracker, although you could just as easily use Excel or even notepad. The idea is to record all of your account information as you create or change it. Password Tracker is great because it also gives you tools to enterrepparttar 132095 data for you.

A product to avoid is Gator (I use both Password Tracker). This program is handy for saving passwords and filling in forms, but it is spyware and transmits details of your surfing habits to a corporate database.

Be sure and keep backups ofrepparttar 132096 Password Tracker database ... believe me, you don't want to lose this information if you can avoid it.

Byrepparttar 132097 way, I've learned to avoidrepparttar 132098 automatic account and password features of Internet Explorer. Why? Because there is no way to save, print out or get torepparttar 132099 information. Thus, ifrepparttar 132100 computer dies I lose my passwords with no way to recover. I don't use Netscape much, but I would guessrepparttar 132101 same thing applies.

To conclude, use different account names and passwords for your various web sites. Record them on paper and store that somewhere safe. In addition, you can use programs link Excel, Gator and Password Tracker to save all of this information for you. Finally, and very importantly, be very prepared for disaster.

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