Security: Ad Blocking

Written by Richard Lowe

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Regardless ofrepparttar product, you now haverepparttar 132083 power to remove those annoying ads from your surfing experience.

As an added benefit, this has tremendous effects on safeguarding your privacy. These products both remove web bugs, which are nasty little things created to track your movements acrossrepparttar 132084 internet. Now you can stop telling companies like DoubleClick from following your surfing habits. By blockingrepparttar 132085 ad, you are also blockingrepparttar 132086 report back to them of what you are viewing.

How do these programs work? It's very simple really. These intercept web pages before they get to your browser and examinerepparttar 132087 HTML code. If they find something that matches one of their patterns for an advertisement, they simply removerepparttar 132088 code.

This means you pay a small price in CPU performance (I personally didn't notice any delay), but gain it back in bandwidth performance as you do not have to loadrepparttar 132089 banners.

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Viruses: The Code Red Worm

Written by Richard Lowe

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The bug is something commonly known as a "buffer overflow", which simply means you can send more characters torepparttar web server than it is capable of receiving. When a program receives characters it writes them to memory in a place called a buffer. If a poorly written program receives more characters than it is designed to handle, it will, under special conditions, causerepparttar 132081 extra characters to be executed with privileges.

To put it very simply, it was discovered that you could causerepparttar 132082 Indexing Service to "overflow it's buffers" and execute selected code as a privileged user. This allows a special hacker program (which is reported to have required all of a half hour to write) to gain control of a server.

You have to understand that buffer overflows are nothing new torepparttar 132083 world of computing. In fact, I am sure thatrepparttar 132084 first programmer is alsorepparttar 132085 first person to experience this condition. This is well known to competent quality control departments, programmers, designers and, of course, hackers.

To put it bluntly, buffer overflows should not occur in any program written by any programmer who has passed "programming 102". In addition, any quality assurance person who has taken "quality control 101" should be able to check for and spotrepparttar 132086 problem from a mile away. All right already, so what isrepparttar 132087 infamous Code Red worm?

Code Red is a clever little program which takes advantage of this gaping hole inrepparttar 132088 Index Server. Whatrepparttar 132089 program does is search for systems withrepparttar 132090 flaw. It's easy to find those systems and Code Red is very good at it's job. So good, in fact, that in early August 2001 it is estimated that it infected over 300,000 machines!

Oncerepparttar 132091 worm finds a machine, it executesrepparttar 132092 buffer overflow condition and causes itself to be installed onrepparttar 132093 machine. Rememberrepparttar 132094 Wrath of Kahn movie whererepparttar 132095 beetle withrepparttar 132096 big pincers crawled into Checkov's ear? It's something like that.

Oncerepparttar 132097 bug got into his brain, oh sorry ... oncerepparttar 132098 worm has installed itself it does a number of different things depending uponrepparttar 132099 day ofrepparttar 132100 month. Some days nearrepparttar 132101 beginning of a month it will search for new systems to infect. Towardsrepparttar 132102 middlerepparttar 132103 worms will all launch an attack againstrepparttar 132104 Whitehouse web site. Atrepparttar 132105 end ofrepparttar 132106 month, all of these malicious little programs will sleep, waiting forrepparttar 132107 next month.

Interestingly,repparttar 132108 Code Red worm has a couple of small flaws. First, it's attack is directed at a single IP address. Thus, duringrepparttar 132109 first waves of attacks in Julyrepparttar 132110 Whitehouse "dodgedrepparttar 132111 bullet" by simply changing their address.

Second,repparttar 132112 worm only installs itself in memory. This means it's simply a matter of rebootingrepparttar 132113 server to rid it ofrepparttar 132114 pesky infection. Of course, if you don't installrepparttar 132115 patch (a fix to repairrepparttar 132116 problem, conceptually likerepparttar 132117 piece of rubber used to patch a hole in a tire), it's just a matter of time until your system gets infected again.

Naturally, a new worm called "Code Red II" worm has been reported inrepparttar 132118 wild, and almost certainly does not include these flaws. Hopefully system administrators will comply and install their patches so their systems will not be assimilated intorepparttar 132119 Code Red and Code Red II attacks.

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