Secure Your E-mail Systems - Protecting Against Port 25 Vulnerabilities

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Historically, enterprises have turned to multiple vendors to solve their e-mail security issues. They have relied on anti virus vendors to protect them from viruses. They use a separate anti spam vendor to help cut back onrepparttar spam. Then there arerepparttar 109512 issues of content filtering, policy enforcement, encryption, and network security. Over time it has become clear that having so many vendors approaching these issues from so many directions is prohibitively expensive and time consuming for administrators to manage.

Increasingly companies are turning to hardened e-mail appliances like CipherTrust’s IronMail. According to Gartner,repparttar 109513 globally respected IT research firm, “Instead of having several email security-related point products atrepparttar 109514 boundary, many enterprises will want only one”.

IronMail is designed specifically to guard against port 25 attacks on enterprise e-mail systems. It can be tuned to work effectively with any type of organization and has been employed for use in a wide range of industries such as healthcare, government, finance, education, manufacturing, retail, and many more. It allows organizations to stop spam and viruses, protect employees from fraud and inappropriate content, enforce corporate policies, provide secure delivery, encrypt e-mail, and provide remote access.

Findrepparttar 109515 Right Solution

Learn more about how IronMail can secure enterprise e-mail systems by visiting or by downloading CipherTrust’s FREE whitepaper, b>“Securing Email Systems: An Overview of IronMail,repparttar 109516 Secure Email Gateway”. This FREE resource will provide you withrepparttar 109517 information you need to make an informed decision about securing your e-mail systems and ensuring system availability to end users.

CipherTrust is the leader in anti-spam and email security. Learn more by downloading our free whitepaper, “Securing the E-mail Boundary: An overview of IronMail” or by visiting

Increase Efficiency with Intelligent Email Traffic Control

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Innovation fromrepparttar Leader in Messaging Security

Connection Control features several proprietary technologies working together to help IronMail providerepparttar 109511 fastest throughput inrepparttar 109512 industry:

  • Dynamic Connection Rejection – Limitsrepparttar 109513 number of messages that reach IronMail and rejectsrepparttar 109514 resources available torepparttar 109515 offending IP address.
  • Rejection Intervals – By relying on data gathered byrepparttar 109516 IronMail Global Network, CipherTrust research has determinedrepparttar 109517 optimal intervals to reject and allow connections.
  • Anomaly Detection Engine – Examines and controls overall traffic flow for IronMail to identify threats.
  • Threat Response Updates –repparttar 109518 IronMail Global Network comprises over 2500 IronMail units inrepparttar 109519 field. The system provides data and updates to IronMail units as needed.
  • TrustedSource™ - CipherTrust’s reputation service maintains data on millions of e-mail senders globally and provides real-time information to IronMail appliances about a sender’s e-mail sending behavior.

Proven inrepparttar 109520 Field

Currently in use at enterprises such as Cox Communications, Inc. (NYSE: COX), Connection Control dynamically rejects upwards of 50 percent of connection attempts from known spammers with dramatic results. But don’t just take our word for it. Franklin Warlick, Cox Communications’ messaging systems administrator, saw instant results when he installed Connection Control on Cox’s IronMail units, which protect approximately 60,000 inboxes. “CipherTrust’s Connection Control saved us valuable time and resources when we really needed them. This new technology in IronMail allows us to laser in onrepparttar 109521 worst offenders, and reject their spamming attempts atrepparttar 109522 network edge. With Connection Control, Cox Communications was able to reject 90,000 spam messages an hour immediately, giving us great bang forrepparttar 109523 buck from a product that already paid for itself many times over.”

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Learn more about how IronMail helps organizations stoprepparttar 109525 spam flood and fight back against spammers by visiting or requesting CipherTrust’s free whitepaper, “Stoppingrepparttar 109526 Spam Flood with IronMail Connection Control.

CipherTrust is the leader in anti-spam and email security. Learn more by downloading our free whitepaper, “Stopping the Spam Flood with IronMail Connection Control” or by visiting

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