Secure Locks for the Restoration of Period Houses

Written by Ali Arnold

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Once installed they can be painted or stained to fitrepparttar door,so would fit well in all types of period house.

This type of lock fitting has been used for centuries, improved to suit our modern world by using high security locks inside,

Ali Arnold is a tutor and company secretary for Architectural Ironmongery Ltd, who are specialists in door and window hardware for period properties, this very knowledgable company is always happy to give advise when required.

visit their site at

Ship Ahoy! The Nautical Touch in Your Outdoor Living Space

Written by Debbie Rodgers

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Furniture Ship-board fixtures are often made of sleek, highly varnished wood and always makerepparttar most of available space. Replicaterepparttar 100139 look on your deck with built-in benches. As a bonus, build storage units underrepparttar 100140 seats.

For additional portable seating, use wooden and canvas deck chairs or captain's stools.

Lighting Brass ship lanterns, of course! Although originals are collectibles, there are many attractive reproductions available. Use a traditional oil-burning unit or opt for a candle-lit look.

Motif The easiest way to carry a nautical theme is withrepparttar 100141 use of ship-board motifs such as anchors, barometers, weather vanes, sandglasses and seaman's chests. Other useful motifs for an outdoor space include boat pennants, oars and models or images of sailboats.

Choose one or two and collect them in various materials. Or re-create a ship's deck by acquiring one of each kind and displaying them in realistic positions throughout your space.

Put your deck in ship-shape this summer, listen to snap ofrepparttar 100142 canvas inrepparttar 100143 wind and dream on ofrepparttar 100144 high seas.

Debbie Rodgers, the haven maven, owns and operates Paradise Porch, and is dedicated to helping people create outdoor living spaces that nurture and enrich them. Her latest how-to guide “Attracting Butterflies to Your Home and Garden” is now available on her web site. Visit her at and get a free report on “Eight easy ways to create privacy in your outdoor space”. Mail to

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