Secrets of the most successful sites

Written by Alan Goodwin

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Example - I recently changedrepparttar shipping costs on my site - to my surprise this led to an increase in sales. Postage was originally $2 for orders under $20, $3.50 for orders between $20 and $25 and free over that price. I noticed that I had few orders inrepparttar 100998 $20 - $25 price range. I decided to lower shipping costs to $2 for all orders under $25 and free for over that price. Orders especially increased inrepparttar 100999 $20 - $25 price range.

I know for a fact that very few website owners will do any testing or make any changes. Make sure you do -repparttar 101000 only way to increase your profits is to try out new ideas.

Content for your site… When writingrepparttar 101001 text for your pages, make sure it is personal. Remember that it is just you and your visitor. Be honest, build up trust so that you gain repeat customers.

Your text needs to be simple and easy to read. Use short sentences and paragraphs.

Emphasize and point out all your benefits throughout your text.

Example - imagine that you are selling a car that does 0-60mph in 5.2secs. Don't just staterepparttar 101002 facts, point outrepparttar 101003 allrepparttar 101004 benefits - berepparttar 101005 first off atrepparttar 101006 lights, impress your friends, plus increase your safety - accelerating quickly may get you out of trouble!

Securingrepparttar 101007 sale… It must be easy for your visitor to order. Limit options and choices to makerepparttar 101008 ordering process as simple and fast as possible. Use simple buttons like 'Order Now'. Think aboutrepparttar 101009 details you need when someone orders - don't include irrelevant questions as this will put your visitor off. Do you really need date of birth, occupation, etc..

The power of your guarantee… Use guarantees so that your visitor feels secure and confident in ordering with you. The more security you can give,repparttar 101010 safer your visitor will feel. This way they are more likely to order.

Userepparttar 101011 best guarantee you can -repparttar 101012 longerrepparttar 101013 better no matter whether you are selling an information product or a tangible product. Research shows that you'll get less returns and it will help convince people to order. As always test your guarantee and try using different guarantees. Download your FREE ebook now.Discover profit generating ideas used byrepparttar 101014 people with SIX Figure Incomes - Use these techniques to turn your website into a highly profitable business now.

We interviewed a number of highly successful website owners and discovered how they achieved their success.

Advertising in Ezines

Written by David Callan

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Users trustrepparttar Ezine publishers Ezine publishers have developed a trust between themselves and their readers. Just by placing your ad in an ezine, it's more likely to be read because it appears in a publication they like and trust. It works even better whenrepparttar 100997 publisher/editor adds a personal endorsement! All this equals more sales for you.

Competition less ferce Ezines offer a "level playing field" for advertisers. In ezines, every advertiser works withinrepparttar 100998 same set of rules, sorepparttar 100999 odds of your success are much greater. The best ad writers makerepparttar 101000 most money inrepparttar 101001 ezines, regardless of ad production costs. Most quality Ezines have 5 or so ads atrepparttar 101002 most, whereas offline publications could have up to a hundred, and even then,repparttar 101003 advertiser withrepparttar 101004 biggest budget and therefore biggest ad always wins.

Very cost effective Ezine advertising is not only effective, it's cheap as well. A 5 line ad in an ezine that goes to 3000 people will cost you between $5 and $25 per issue. Very little risk is involved as you should always break even, but most times you will make lots of profit.

Free content for your website and/or ezine: Just a quick note to let everyone know that if they would like to publish this Advertising in ezines article on their website or in their ezine, they can as long asrepparttar 101005 following bio is placed atrepparttar 101006 end ofrepparttar 101007 article.

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