Secrets of Reciprocal Linking Strategy

Written by Ed Duvall

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**Enough With The Rules Already**

Before you go contacting webmasters, now would be a good time to set up your Main Links page on your website. On this page you are going to describe how a webmaster can add their link to your Links Pages. You can call this Favorite Links, Personal Links or something similar. Basically anything that lets visitors know you have a Quality links page available.

Your Main Links Page should have several categories for visitors to choose from. Each category should link to a separate page on your site whererepparttar category links can be viewed. Remember to set each link so that it opens in a new window when a visitor clicks on it because you don't want them leaving your site altogether and forget where they started out from.

On this page you'll invite your visitors to apply forrepparttar 125085 privelege of linking to you. Why should they have to apply? Because you want to screen their website to be sure it doesn't directly compete with yours and that it also compliments yours in some way. You can see my links page at . Just click onrepparttar 125086 Resource Links atrepparttar 125087 top ofrepparttar 125088 page.

You also want to indicate to your visitors that a reciprocal link back from their website is a requirement for obtaining a link on this page. Those who are serious about Reciprocal Linking will understand and be willing to place a link on their page.

Why not just use a FFA website and link to 1,000's or millions of webpages?

FFA pages play a small role in your advertising but they shouldn't be included in a Reciprocal Linking strategy because people rarely seerepparttar 125089 FFA sites or their messages andrepparttar 125090 Search Engines don't recognize them in their criteria for determining link popularity. It's best to stay away from them as a way to develop reciprocal links for your website.

**Contacting Webmasters**

Againrepparttar 125091 best webmasters to contact arerepparttar 125092 ones whose websites compliment yours in some way. How do you findrepparttar 125093 sites and contactrepparttar 125094 webmasters?

The simplest way is to go to one ofrepparttar 125095 major search engines, enter inrepparttar 125096 terms that describes websites you want to link to and letrepparttar 125097 search engine bring uprepparttar 125098 lists for you. You can get several hundred email address just by visiting these sites and contactingrepparttar 125099 webmaster.

It is always best to send a short email torepparttar 125100 webmaster introducing yourself and statingrepparttar 125101 reason you're contacting them. You may want to giverepparttar 125102 information for them to add your link to their Link Page or simply start a dialog to see if there is a mutual interest in linking.

For best results I like to find websites that compliment mine, then add them to an appropriate link page and then send repparttar 125103 website owner a personal email telling them I liked their site, have added it to my Quality Links page and ask if they would link back to my website. I also like to tell them of some ofrepparttar 125104 benefits of Reciprocal Linking and even go as far as helping them set up their own page if they don't have a good quality links page. Some willlink back to you and some won't. If they don't simply deleterepparttar 125105 link.

Implementing a reciprocal linking strategy does take time and effort, but it is easily manageable. Combined with an overall web promotion strategy it can be a powerful way for you to develop relevant, targeted traffic to your web pages as well as help to increase your websites overall position inrepparttar 125106 search engines.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Website and Advertising Sell

Written by Keegan Michaels

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2. Include sub points in order of importance: Keeprepparttar sub points simple and only cover a few ofrepparttar 125084 most important ideas. For ads,repparttar 125085 sub points should be very brief, but for websites there is room to be more prolific. If there are many points that need to be made onrepparttar 125086 website, include them, so long as they are imperative to what you are trying to communicate.

3. Don't over-design: Also like a great work of art, good design includes onlyrepparttar 125087 things that need to be there. I'm sure you've been to sites that are so packed with content, graphics, and pictures all laid out on a gaudy background, that your eyes can't stay focused on one thing.

Remember, good details add torepparttar 125088 overall effect, they never detract from it. If you have so much going on in your site or ad that people don't know where to look first, they will stop looking, period.

A good design should helprepparttar 125089 viewer to focus and understand what you are trying to communicate. If you keep your designs simple and follow a few basic rules, your viewer will have no problem understanding what is going on in your site or ad. Good design for websites and ads are like great works of art in many ways; however, they are unlike great works of art in that you don't want people to be confused by them.

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