Secrets of Growing Killer Tomatoes

Written by K.D. Wiseman

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Once you have completedrepparttar fertilizing, give your garden a moderate soaking with your sprinkler or hose nozzle to dissolve and distributerepparttar 151112 fertilizer through outrepparttar 151113 soil.

When I begin to set outrepparttar 151114 tomatoes I have somewhat of a unique approach, I digrepparttar 151115 planting hole, approximately 10-12 inches deep with a post hole digger, which also helps to determinerepparttar 151116 spacing for each plant ( 2-2 ½ feet apart or about ½repparttar 151117 length ofrepparttar 151118 handle of your post hole digger) I userepparttar 151119 post hole digger for several reasons:

1.Its much easier on your back, you don’t have to bend or kneel to digrepparttar 151120 hole. 2.The larger and deeper hole means that more ofrepparttar 151121 tomato plant itself can be placed deeper intorepparttar 151122 ground andrepparttar 151123 more plant you can actually place in repparttar 151124 groundrepparttar 151125 strongerrepparttar 151126 plant will be, because every bit ofrepparttar 151127 seedling that is placed underground will develop into repparttar 151128 root system, thereby you will have deeper and stronger roots fromrepparttar 151129 very beginning. 3.The loose backfill inrepparttar 151130 hole allows forrepparttar 151131 developing root system to get a firm foothold.

After you have gotten all your holes spaced out and dug, go back and sprinkle just a bit of Miracle-Gro intorepparttar 151132 bottom of each hole then add just a small amount of water torepparttar 151133 hole. Gently remove your seedlings fromrepparttar 151134 flat and place it as deep as possible inrepparttar 151135 hole. I recommend leaving no more than 1 - 2 inches of tomato above ground. Yes, it will take longer for your tomatoes to produce by doing this as compared to setting them out at that same depth they were in repparttar 151136 seeding flat, but you will have stronger plants and plants that virtually never need watering because at that depth moisture is pretty much constant unless it is an extremely dry summer. Believe me, if you set your tomatoes out atrepparttar 151137 flat depth, you will be watering them at least every other day.!!!

The next thing we need to address isrepparttar 151138 method used to controlrepparttar 151139 sprawling plant. Some people like to place straw down around their tomato plants and let them sprawl across repparttar 151140 ground. I believe this opensrepparttar 151141 door for more pest problems, such asrepparttar 151142 tomato hornworm. The method I recommend is using concrete reinforcing wire to make your own tomato cages. The wire can be purchased at most any hardware or do it yourself store. The wire has large 6” openings that you can easily pass your hand through when picking time comes. The wire is about 6 ft high which makes a very sturdy cage for evenrepparttar 151143 biggest tomato plant. To makerepparttar 151144 cages, count off seven ofrepparttar 151145 squares and then, using a cutting torch or a study pair of wire cutters, cutoffrepparttar 151146 bottom ofrepparttar 151147 seventh square which will give you six 6” spikes that will makerepparttar 151148 cage as steady as a rock when they are pushed intorepparttar 151149 ground. I place my cages aroundrepparttar 151150 plants as soon asrepparttar 151151 plants are inrepparttar 151152 ground. Once you makerepparttar 151153 cages they will last of years and years to come.

Our last area of concern is pests and diseases, specifically repparttar 151154 tomato hornworm and blossom end rot. The tomato hornworm is nasty little creature that will surround and chew through your plant at just below ground level. To prevent this from happening push a very large nail intorepparttar 151155 ground right next to each tomato plant. This will preventrepparttar 151156 hornworm from surrounding your plant and eating throughrepparttar 151157 base.

If you seerepparttar 151158 end of your tomatoes beginning to rot as they grow, then it is surely a case of blossom end rot, which can be easily stopped from overtaking your entire tomato crop. Go to your local pharmacy and get some potassium chloride, then place two heaping tablespoons into a garden sprayer and fill with water, shake to mix then spray your plants well. Do this weekly until no new end rot appears.

If you follow this guide and use a little TLC you will have some ofrepparttar 151159 largest and best tasting tomatoes one could ever ask for.

You will definitely berepparttar 151160 envy ofrepparttar 151161 entire neighborhood!!!

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How To Plan A Garden Right

Written by David Kurshel

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Think about where to place plants that require a lot of sunlight. The best place for such plants is away from buildings and taller trees because these blockrepparttar light at daytime.

Deciding which plants to grow nearrepparttar 150935 house, and which should be inrepparttar 150936 open also requires some thought. If you preferrepparttar 150937 sunshine streaming through your windows, then you are best not to have bulky trees or bushes nearrepparttar 150938 house, where they will blockrepparttar 150939 sunlight.

If you have decided that you will be growing herbs and vegetables,repparttar 150940 best place for them is nearrepparttar 150941 house. When they are nearrepparttar 150942 house, it is more likely that you will be using them for cooking. Besides convenience, you should also think aboutrepparttar 150943 location of vegetables as far as their needs for sunlight are concerned. This is especially true if yours is mainly a vegetable garden.

Last, but not least, take into account your personal preferences, when designing a garden. If there are particular extras you would like to have, for instance winding pathways or gazebos, include them inrepparttar 150944 initial design ofrepparttar 150945 garden. Your outdoor garden is constrained only byrepparttar 150946 limits of your creativity andrepparttar 150947 growing season in your location.

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