"Secrets To Using Keywords!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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4. Do NOT SPAM Your Keywords.

It has long been thought that repetition of keywords will improverepparttar ranking of your website. While this was true many, many years ago, it is not to be used today or your website will be penalized if not outright banned byrepparttar 128362 major search engines and directories.

Use keywords only one time each in your Title and withinrepparttar 128363 Meta Tags of your web page HTML.

The exception to this rule isrepparttar 128364 repeated use ofrepparttar 128365 same keyword withinrepparttar 128366 actual text of your website but ONLY ifrepparttar 128367 keyword is relevant. Repetition for repetitions sake will also cause you to be penalized or banned altogether.

5. Research Your Keywords.

How would someone find you online?

Pretend you are a potential visitor to your website and compile a list of words you might use at a search engine or directory and research what these terms bring back as results to your inquiry.

Is your website already amongrepparttar 128368 search term results? How about your competition?

If neither appear inrepparttar 128369 results of your search then you need to try using other keywords.

You can even cheat a little on this by visiting your competitor and viewingrepparttar 128370 source of their web page to determine exactly which keywords they are using.

6. Modify Your Keywords.

Just because you finally compile a list of keywords do not fall intorepparttar 128371 trap of thinking that they are somehow now etched in stone.

Not onrepparttar 128372 Internet.

Reviewrepparttar 128373 most common search terms being used at least once every month or two and modify, adapt, adjust and overcome any problems by making changes to your list.

A great way to keep tabs onrepparttar 128374 most popular terms in use onrepparttar 128375 Internet can be determined by accessing various FREE services that exist online dedicated to compiling a list ofrepparttar 128376 top current search keywords.

You can access our "FREE List of Keyword Services" by sending a blank email to our auto-responder at: mailto:keywords@emailexchange.org

Making use of these little secrets on keywords will insure that your website is always inrepparttar 128377 top rankings of searches done to find your unique web page content.

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LookSmart Not Small Business Friendly

Written by Lee Traupel

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So, if your an SMB company what are your alternatives to working with LookSmart? We would recommend your assessing Google's new "AdWords Select" program which is geared more for business of all sizes; but, I must warn you there is some complexity in setting up this type of program as well. But, you certainly get much more coverage with Google - their rapidly becomingrepparttar dominant search engine du jour with approximately 40% market share of all combined searches.

Inktomi's "Search Submit" program should also be assessed as an alternative to working with LookSmart and as an adjunct to an existing Search Engine or Marketing program. They have partnered with some ofrepparttar 128361 same companies that LookSmart is working with, including MSN, AOL, iWon, and many others. They offer very good value forrepparttar 128362 incurred costs, charging a nominal fee $39. forrepparttar 128363 first URL and $25. for additional URLs to have your web site "crawled" (assessed or indexed) on a regular basis for one year and sharing this information with repparttar 128364 most heavily used search engines onrepparttar 128365 web.

Finally, you may want to consider utilizing standard pay per click ("PPC") search engines to drive qualified traffic to your web site and/or looking at competitive PPC programs offered by LookSmart's competitors including Yahoo, AOL, Alta Vista and others. Overture (formerly GoTo) isrepparttar 128366 dominant market leader inrepparttar 128367 pure PPC market that can deliver a great deal of traffic. But, there are approximately 150 second tier pay per click search engines available for assessment and you should be able to leverage your marketing costs by carefully analyzing your "keyword buys" via some of these PPC search engines including Kanoodle, FindWhat, Sprinks and many others.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications, Inc. http://www.intelective.com, a marketing services and software company which provides strategic and tactical marketing services exclusively to small to medium sized companies. He can be reached at Lee@intelective.com for e-mail or ltwolf@ix.netcom.com for IM

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