Secrets To Successful Newsletter and Ezine Ads!

Written by A.T. Rendon

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2. Track Your Ads.

Tracking ads is not important if you are only running one ad copy in one publication.

However, it becomes essential if you are running two different ads forrepparttar same product or service and those two ads are running in several different publications.

If you do not track your ads, you will not know which publication or which ad copy is pulling inrepparttar 124350 greatest results.

Don't know how to track your online ads?

Send a blank email to our Auto-Responder to learn some easy techniques to track your online advertising:

3. Multiple Ad Exposures.

Do NOT expect much response if you only run your ad copy one time. Research and my own personal experience shows that running your ad copy onrepparttar 124351 Internet at least 8 times will bring yourepparttar 124352 greatest returns.

Emailrepparttar 124353 publisher that you plan to use about discounts on their ad prices when you run your ad copy multiple times. Most will give you a good discount rate.

4. ALWAYS Include An Email Contact.

My experience is that your ad response rate will increase by as much as 50% if you simply include an email contact address in your ad copy.

Also include your URL inrepparttar 124354 ad copy but adding your email address gives those responding to your adrepparttar 124355 option of using what works best for them.

Besides, you can not follow-up with visitors to your web site but you can with those that request your information by email.

5. Stress Your Benefits.

Forget about describing your product or service. Instead, stress what your product or service will do for your prospects.

Will it save them money? Save them time? Make their life easier?

Benefits will sell your product or service.

Offer something free in your ad copy. It'll often tiprepparttar 124356 balance between a response and no response.

6. Keep Your Ad Short.

Your ad copy should inform, entice, tease or make your prospects curious for more information. The shorter your ad copy,repparttar 124357 more likely it will get read and responded.

Follow these few tips and your ezine and newsletter ads Will bring you successful results and good response.

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"Are You Doing It on a Regular Basis?"

Written by Merle

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MONTHLY: Even though many ezine publishers go with a monthly schedule, it does have its drawbacks. Mailing just once a month can cause a subscriber to forget who you are or that they even subscribed to your ezine inrepparttar first place. Many a Spam compliant has started this way. Don't get me wrong, I subscribe to many monthly ezines myself, but sometimes byrepparttar 124349 time I receive an issue I've almost forgotten I was subscribed to it. It just doesn't seem often enough to keeprepparttar 124350 publication fresh in my mind. Onrepparttar 124351 plus side it's not too much that you're messages become annoying.

So there you have it;repparttar 124352 options for choosing an appropriate publishing schedule. Which one is right for you will depend on your time constraints and what you're trying to accomplish with your ezine. So next time someone tells you it'srepparttar 124353 size that matters don't believe it -- frequency can makerepparttar 124354 difference between a memorable newsletter and one that just fades intorepparttar 124355 woodwork.

So how often are you doing it?

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