Secret of Success is Sales . . . Yeeuck!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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MLM seeks salespersons whose goal is to avoid selling by recruiting others to do it for them. Affiliate programs have proliferated onrepparttar web, recruiting others to sell for them. But inrepparttar 122577 endrepparttar 122578 key is sales, sales and more sales, no matter whetherrepparttar 122579 business model is direct sales or through sellingrepparttar 122580 idea to others of selling for you. Sales is key.

Try search engine optimization. Is this another approach of seeking sales without effort or expense? No, you must still dorepparttar 122581 sales while "it" deliversrepparttar 122582 targeted traffic. SEO brings you folks interested in what you sell by helping your web site communicate effectively with search engine spiders. You must still give each of those visitors your best sales pitch by communicating why they should consider buying your product after SEO helps them to find your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) delivers potential buyers for your product or service. Eyeballs for your sales pitch are its specialty. You create a needed product or service and SEO brings you people interested in what you sell so you can sell to them. You still dorepparttar 122583 selling, but now you have visitors to offer your sales pitch to. Convince them after SEO brings them to you and you will make sales, make lots of sales and you will be successful.

SEO delivers prospects for your sale.

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Have You Got The Energy For MLM?

Written by Martin Avis

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You will make a little money in a good MLM company by sellingrepparttar product. But usually, only a little.

The real cash only starts to flow when you reach a critical mass of recruits - all feeding small amounts of commission back into your account.

So, you have to ask yourself some honest questions:

* Do I haverepparttar 122576 time to devote at least 12 hours a day to building my business. (Believe me, any less and you will never get big checks.)

* Have I got limitless energy to keep on doing this day in, day out?

* Am I imaginitive enough to keep finding new ways of reaching people?

* Am I a highly persuasive sales person?

* Will I have a problem recruiting others?

* If and when I do recruit others, will I haverepparttar 122577 time and patience to train them inrepparttar 122578 best ways to runrepparttar 122579 business?

* Am I prepared to travel long distances to host recruitment meetings?

* Can I afford to advertise to get leads?

* Can I afford to do all ofrepparttar 122580 above for very little return for at leastrepparttar 122581 first 3 months?

I know from repeated personal experience, and that of many, many others that unless you can answer yes to all ofrepparttar 122582 above questions, MLM isn't ever going to make you a fortune.

And, as an observation, it seems to me that if you do haverepparttar 122583 boundless energy, limitless time, and superb sales talent needed to prosper in MLM, you would be far better off applying it to building your own business. That way you would keep allrepparttar 122584 profits.

That was ultimately what I did - and I haven't regretted it for a second.

MLM can be good. But go into it withrepparttar 122585 rose-tinted glasses firmly locked in their case.

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