Secret of Light and Fluffy Biscuits and Pancakes

Written by Joey Robichaux

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So ... cut down on your milk portion. Add a little milk torepparttar oatmeal, then add your dry ingredients, then slowly mix, adding more milk a little bit at a time as necessary.

One other change -- since you'll be using less milk,repparttar 136611 baking powder in your mix won't have as much acid to react to. This means your biscuits won't rise like they normally do unless you give them a little bit of help. I like to toss a squeeze of lemon juice intorepparttar 136612 mix. You won't tasterepparttar 136613 lemon, but it'll supercharge your baking powder.

Again, your dough will be a little frothy. You'll use less milk andrepparttar 136614 dough will not be as dense as usual. If you're rollingrepparttar 136615 dough and using a biscuit cutter, roll your dough a little thicker than normal before cutting.

That's all -- bake as normal and your result will be biscuits light enough to float offrepparttar 136616 pan!

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Campfire Coffee Recipes

Written by Gary Gresham

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Campfire Perculator Coffee Pot Recipe 3. This isrepparttar most common method of making campfire coffee. Start with 1 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee for each 6 oz of water when using a perculator coffee pot. Here is a trick if you end up with grounds in your coffee. Poke a hole in a regular coffee filter and put it inrepparttar 136252 perk basket. Watchrepparttar 136253 percolator forrepparttar 136254 coffee color. The longer it perksrepparttar 136255 stronger your coffee will be. A perculator coffee pot takes practice but they make great campfire coffee. Good Tip If you use unpleasant lake, well or tap water your coffee will never taste very good. Coffee is 98% water so using good water will make all of difference in good or bad coffee. Bring good water with you and you will enjoy your campfire coffee a lot more.

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