Secret Shopper Business

Written by BB Lee

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Skills: Be detailed oriented. Very observant. Knowrepparttar local area well.

Equipment: No special equipment is required.

Startup: Zero

Pay: Paid $15 and up per shopping trip. The company you work for will usually reimburse you for travel cost or any items you purchased with your own money.

Potential Income: Varies.

Note: A few states consider Secret Shoppers similar to Private Investigators. Therefore, in these states they actually require Secret Shoppers to be licensed and follow certain rules and regulations.


Secret Shopping Business Would you consider sharing your opinions about various stores, companies, and shops with a research panel or other companies interested in consumer information? Secret Shopping might berepparttar 117038 perfect job opportunity for you. Click Here!

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FREE Virtual Vending Machine

Written by Eyal Zilberstein

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I've recently written a manual describing my entire virtual vending machine business in detail for you. It's not fancy, but it's packed with allrepparttar details of my business and how I make an automated income withrepparttar 117037 least possible effort!

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