Searching For Jobs Online

Written by Heather Eagar

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located somewhere onrepparttar home page of employment web sites. By usingrepparttar 140774 search box, an job seeker can get results from many different categories in various databases that might not have been present if an individual chose to search in a single database. Searching options can be very simple or allow an individual to search by specific keywords, job location and other relevant information. This may not always present an individual withrepparttar 140775 kind of results that they are looking for, but most employment sites will send notification of new listings that might be of interest as they become available.

The advantages seeking employment online reach far beyond accessing thousands of available positions aroundrepparttar 140776 world. Most employment sites offer resume assistance,repparttar 140777 ability to post resumes for potential employers to view and evenrepparttar 140778 ability to instantly submit a resume to positions of interest. Conducting a job search online eliminates a part ofrepparttar 140779 stress associated looking for work as well as matches employees with employers much faster than ever for better pairing and more effective results.

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The SAMMER Test: Leading People To Get The Right Results At the Right Time In The Right Way

Written by Brent Filson

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The Fallacy operates when leaders believe that their beliefs are automatically reciprocated byrepparttar people's beliefs.

The fact is, because leadership is challenging people to do what they would not otherwise do, leaders' belief is seldom reciprocated. Automatic reciprocity is an illusion. If it happens, great. But forrepparttar 140742 most part, leaders have to work at making reciprocity happen.

M - Measurable. There is no value in business without measurements. Measurements link disparate things, organize activities, and help unify those activities. Apply precise, meaningful measurements torepparttar 140743 results we want before we challenge others to get them. Without measurements, we can't make consistent improvements. Make sure your measurement system conforms to four attributes, that they are RELIABLE, REPEATABLE, ACHIEVABLE, and CONTROLLABLE.

E - Ethical. As a leader, you not only have to get results, but you have to getrepparttar 140744 right results. Results only happen when people take action. To getrepparttar 140745 right results, they must take right action. Ethics help promote right action.

Ethics, then, are not traffic lights, they're running gears. Ethics shouldn't impede your getting results, they should help you get more results.

R - Repeatable. Evaluate your leadership andrepparttar 140746 leadership of others not only onrepparttar 140747 results you achieve and don't achieve but onrepparttar 140748 results that you REPEATEDLY achieve.

When we talk about repeatability, we must deal with process. A process is a series of mental or physical steps leading to results.

Often, results are not as important asrepparttar 140749 processes you develop in gettingrepparttar 140750 results.

Repeatability is promoted when you identifyrepparttar 140751 steps that helped you get those results then apply those steps as a process to get more results in that area or get additional results in other areas.

In that way, you make repeatability a driving force of your leadership.

Just because you're getting results doesn't mean you're being successful. Success hinges on gettingrepparttar 140752 right results inrepparttar 140753 right ways. Whenever you must lead people to achieve results, applyrepparttar 140754 SAMMER Test to clarify, prioritize, and give direction torepparttar 140755 actions that must be taken to achieve right results.

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