Search the Web More Efficiently: Tips, Techniques and Strategies (Part II)

Written by Daniel Bazac

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* Whenever two or more words can appear in exact order, encloserepparttar words with double quotation marks ("word 1 word 2".) Example: "United States." If you use a longer phrase, you will achieve more precise results. With a very long phrase, however, you may get zero results. Some search engines allow you to selectrepparttar 128321 "phrase" option inrepparttar 128322 pull-down menu on their advanced search page or you can type it in special phrase search box, so you don't have to use quotes. * When possible, use unique, rare or unusual keywords. The more uncommon / obscure or less frequentrepparttar 128323 keywords you use are,repparttar 128324 fewer and more relevant results you will get. * Use nouns and objects as keywords. Do not userepparttar 128325 so-called "stop words" such as "what," "where," "the," "in," "and," etc. Many search tools ignore them. If you need a stop word to appear inrepparttar 128326 results, placerepparttar 128327 implied Boolean operator "+ " in front of that word. The standard Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT (or AND NOT), NEAR, BEFORE, AFTER andrepparttar 128328 Boolean logic "(parenthesis)", are used to construct complicated queries. The implied Boolean operators "+" and "-" can replacerepparttar 128329 AND and NOT respectively. An example of Boolean logic is (tips OR tricks) AND ("search engines" OR "web directories"). It will find tips or tricks for search engines or web directories. Checkrepparttar 128330 search tool's tips to see if they accept Boolean operators. For example Google™ does not support full Boolean logic. * Do not use common terms such as Internet, Web, etc. except for cases that it is necessary. (For example,repparttar 128331 query is "searchingrepparttar 128332 web" with quotes.) * Avoid redundant terms and complicated query structures. * Choosingrepparttar 128333 right words for your query isrepparttar 128334 most important part of web searching. The more specificrepparttar 128335 search term,repparttar 128336 more relevant your results will be andrepparttar 128337 more likely it is that you will find what you seek. Remember, work smarter not harder. * The secret to constructing a professional query is to type words you expect to find inrepparttar 128338 matches. Note: Some search tools, such as Ask Jeeves allow you to use repparttar 128339 so-called "natural language." This means that you can construct a query as a question in plain English, such as "What'srepparttar 128340 weather in LA?" When you have a specific question in mind, these tools can be helpful.

Please see Part III.

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Using "Title Tags" With Your Web Links & Images

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Like mentioned before, search engines are nothing more than robots going through your web site. They don't stop to look at your images, they only seerepparttar code.

Providing a title or Alt command for your image will allowrepparttar 128320 search engine to know whatrepparttar 128321 image is all about which will increase your web site's content relavantcy.

Here's an example of this....

Here's whatrepparttar 128322 code for that image looks like:

Here's An Example  Title

Tip #2 When Considering Image Links:

When using an image for a web link to another page, give your image a name that is meaningfull to your service or product.


1. I've linkedrepparttar 128323 image button to this page called "Using Title Tags" 2. I've namedrepparttar 128324 image button "using_title_tags.gif" 3. The title ofrepparttar 128325 image is: "Using Title Tags"

All of these steps will letrepparttar 128326 search engines know exactly whatrepparttar 128327 image is about! Yes, I agree all these steps seem like a lot of work but inrepparttar 128328 end, when your sales are up, you won't be thinking about how much work it took but how successful you have become.

Here'srepparttar 128329 code for that image...

Using Title Tags

Notice how all these steps have given 3 "Key Phrases" for search engines to look at to determinerepparttar 128330 meaning ofrepparttar 128331 image.

1. ( a href= ) - The web link command to another page 2. ( img src= ) - Where to findrepparttar 128332 image and what it's called 3. ( alt= ) - The title ofrepparttar 128333 image


One Last Web Site Optimization Tip:

One last tip I want to include is about your "Headings". It is said that repparttar 128334 size of your heading will also helprepparttar 128335 search engine determine your rankings by looking at your headings forrepparttar 128336 page content. Try to use repparttar 128337


command for your headings.


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