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Written by Damon Lightley

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Judge for yourself

A great deal of online marketers userepparttar home page asrepparttar 128120 web address to link to when they drive people to their site. Why spend so much time and money to deliver a message, and then bring a visitor who responded to it, to a page that has no specific relevance (either graphically or textually) to that message? Some marketers do use unique web addresses, but they're wasted since they're established only to do 'hit counts' to determine pull. In some cases they immediately redirect torepparttar 128121 home page. This isrepparttar 128122 "ask forrepparttar 128123 receptionist" mentality, and it's most foolish.

It's not rocket science to do this right

And all this is inexpensive to do. Building a few static HTML pages, and applying some changes to copy isn't a blip in even small budgets. With sophisticated content management systems often in place this can even be done in-house. All it requires is a little extra effort and a little extra thought and you have search engine marketing activity integrated and targeted from tip to toe.

However, integration doesn't stop there. What we've explained above is one simple example. Search engine marketing can be integrated with email to help remind and convert visitors and you may also want to consider how it can be integrated with your off-line efforts. How easy is it for users to remember your web address, and, are you confident that if they do a search for your business in a search engine - will you come up atrepparttar 128124 top?

Damon Lightley is Director of Site Visibility Website Promotion, an agency specialising in driving online customer acquisition and retention.

Damon Lightley is Director of SiteVisibility - a website promotion agency

For newer sites, Web Marketing depends on "titles" & "links"!

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Joe also knows that if search engines find his link on other sites and it's called "Web Marketing", his site had better be about "Web Marketing"! So Joe adds "Web Marketing Services & Tips" asrepparttar title of his main page. He also adds specific content to match it.

Now here'srepparttar 128119 [kicker]. Let's say Joe has been doing this for 2 years now, 9 times out of 10, if Joe's web site is still promoting content about "Web Marketing", he probably doesn't have to add "Web Marketing" to his main title anymore. He can now add it further down within another link on his site.

Sorepparttar 128120 moral is???

If your site is new, you'll need to depend onrepparttar 128121 "Titles" of many things to get your rankings up for something specific. If you're site is more mature and has been established, you can work on other search terms you've been longing to get for your site.

Just keep plugging away and try to keep your "titles"repparttar 128122 same for new sites and mix it up for older sites!

I hope you enjoyedrepparttar 128123 article!

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