Search engines-To pay or not no pay?

Written by David Bell

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When you set up an account on GoTo, you select as many keywords as you want that are relevant to your site and you enterrepparttar amount you will pay for each visitor. The more you pay,repparttar 135170 higher you are listed inrepparttar 135171 results. Some keywords only cost two or three cents to be listed onrepparttar 135172 first page of results. Some are well over a dollar per visitor. The cost is determined by all ofrepparttar 135173 people bidding for traffic through that keyword. Inrepparttar 135174 past my advice has been to only bid enough to be onrepparttar 135175 first page of a search result. That way you were assured of getting a good flow of traffic without paying to be number one in that category. Times have changed and I now suggest that you bid to be inrepparttar 135176 top five results for your primary keywords. GoTo has begun supplying results for other search engines, but usually they are only supplyingrepparttar 135177 first five results andrepparttar 135178 search engine then uses its own database to supplyrepparttar 135179 remainder ofrepparttar 135180 results. This makes it a better investment than ever before to have an active account at GoTo. Yahoo! Yahoo! is just what you've always heard -repparttar 135181 largest single concentration of web searchers on any search engine or directory. You'll have a very hard time building your e-empire without traffic from Yahoo!. The reality is that only a small percentage of free submissions even get looked at by a staff reviewer at Yahoo! -repparttar 135182 volume is simply too massive to effectively deal with. You can keep taking your chances for success by submitting and waiting, submitting and waiting, submitting and... Or, you can payrepparttar 135183 modest $199 US and be guaranteed that your site will be reviewed within 7 business days. If traffic is your goal, this is an offer that is too good to refuse. Again, payingrepparttar 135184 fee does not guarantee that you will actually be listed in Yahoo! but your chances are better than submitting and hoping. Bay 9/Rocketlinks Similar in structure to GoTo, Rocketlinks has been growing steadily overrepparttar 135185 past few months and is now generating good traffic flows for many search categories. It has grown so much that many site owners are reporting it as their lowest cost source of Pay For Performance traffic. Many very good keywords can be had for one or two cents per visitor. Rocketlinks has several new ways for you to participate:Home Page and Contest Page Featured Listings, Banner Bidding, Cost-Per-Click Banner Advertising, Email/Newsletter Auctions, Contest Sponsorship and Email Advertising. I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

David Bell is Manager, Online Marketing, at , a leading Search Engine Optimization services firm and Advertising Agency.

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