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Written by Richard Lowe

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Here are some utilities which you an install on your web site which will add searching capability for your visitors. These are useful forrepparttar majority of webmasters which do not run their own servers. In these instances, a remote utility of some kind is essential as few (if any) hosts will allow you to modify their servers as needed.

Atomz You want to add a search engine to your site to allow visitors to search your site? Atomz has an incredible number of features. You can spider up to 500 pages for free -repparttar 131934 only cost to you being a few advertisements in your results page. Recommended.

Whatuseek An excellent service, providing spidering of up to 1,000 pages for free. Not quite as many options as Atomz, but still quick, efficient and very configurable. Highly recommended.

Everyone.Net http://www, A personalized search engine which allows web searches or searches of just your site. Allows you to changerepparttar 131935 colors and logo onrepparttar 131936 results page.

Freefind Very nice search utility. You get to index your site plus a handy set of other features including site maps, content monitoring (similar to Netmind), customization and a what's new report. Excellent service. The free version gives you 25mb of indexing (the size of your pages), and you can pay for more.

SiteMiner Siteminer gives yourepparttar 131937 capability to add a search engine to your site specially for your own site. Note: This is not free, but included as it is a useful service.

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"Making Money, Not Excuses"

Written by Mike Beriault

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Be serious about your return on investment for every dollar you spend.

2. Look at your revenue.

How do you make your money? What can be done to improverepparttar product or service? Are you diversified? Can you add additional revenue streams?

Set some revenue goals. How much do you want to make this year? Break it down into monthly, weekly and daily figures.

How much do you have to sell or what do you need to do to meet that number?

Lay it all out forrepparttar 131932 next 365 days and go ahead full speed, don't let anything stop you and you'll be amazed where you end up!

============================= That's Right, Create an Action Plan! =============================

Take your revenue and expense information and put it together.

You will not succeed without a clear cut plan of action with daily, weekly and monthly goals. Set your goals in concrete, post them where you can see them every day, next torepparttar 131933 computer, onrepparttar 131934 fridge, whatever it takes!

Takerepparttar 131935 time to do it properly, just once.

Do yourself a favor. Prove you are one ofrepparttar 131936 fittest, destined to survive online!

Make some money in 2002!

Happy Marketing!

Mike Beriault Editor, Surf22

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